Check It Out cover
Check It Out cover

Check It Out Lyrics Meanings
by Xavier Wulf
feat. Skepta


Check It Out Lyrics

Squat made the beat (greaze)
Go Grizz
Winner's Circle

Issa, issa green light, take a left then we take a right
Me and Xay in the Beamer, that's a scary sight
Air Max on my feet, lookin' china white (ice)
I know you smell the loud on me, that's that dynamite (boom)
Fuck a bitch, boy, fuck a nigga too, shit (greaze)
Get the money, then we jump back in the space ship (mm)
Told my girl "Drive the car", yeah, I'm pussy-whipped (pussy)
The world is mine, time is money, I'm forever rich (greaze)
I found my wave, I was surfin', I remember it (mm-hmm)
Xay told me "Keep your eyes on the jellyfish" (boom)
Bitches stingin' niggas, leachin', doin' everything (everything)
But I'm the truth, that's a fact, they can never diss (never diss)
Fuck a bitch, boy, fuck a nigga too, shit (greaze)
Shirt open while I'm chewin' on my toothpick (boom)
Sub-zero, ew the coldest niggas on the strip (ice)
She said she likes the way I speak, now she's lickin' lips (ice)
You see us winnin', never hatin', I don't see the evil (nah)
I light a spliff, meditate, start deletin' people
I saw your girl, we got history, I said "Pleased to meet you" (sexy)
I know you heard, check it out, this the fuckin' sequel
Seein' niggas get finessed, man, it's such a shame
I'm a North London nigga, we don't play them games
You see my hair turnin' yellow, goin' Super Saiyan (greaze)
Bass bumpin' out the window while we're switchin' lanes Now fuck a bitch, boy, and fuck a nigga too, shit
I be in London in the ends with BBK and them
I'm smokin' fronto while I'm huntin', I be huntin' shit
And I'll beat the brain out a nigga if he pull up to me

Writer(s): Xavier Wulf, Joseph Junior Adenuga
Copyright(s): Lyrics © THE ADMINISTRATION MP INC
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

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