Back 0n 6ullsh1t, Pt. 1

Back 0n 6ullsh1t, Pt. 1 Lyrics Meanings
by YB the Artist
ft. Cing Curt


Back 0n 6ullsh1t, Pt. 1 Lyrics

Why did I tell all these niggas my mufuckin business
They mufuckin tripping
I got my niggas right here
In the mufuckin trenches
You know that they with it
Most niggas talk shit like a bitch
I swear onna God nigga
You can come get it
Ain't none of you niggas fuckin with me no more nigga
I swear you can get it
You niggas will drop to the floor
All my niggas coming for more
Most of these niggas just talking that smoke
But none of you niggas don't want none of the smoke
All of my niggas know this ain't no joke
And I swear to god
I got Nina in my coat
All of you niggas can come and get poked
I hear from God nigga
I'm mufuckin woke
You think shit a joke
Niggas they think shit a joke
Nigga you think shit a game
These niggas insane
Niggas they mufuckin lames
Ion even know they names
I hope that they prayin
Niggas been mufuckin sayin
What they been mufuckin sayin

Niggas been mufuckin saying
They come through my hood
And they mufuckin spraying
You said you was with it
You and all your mans
So why all you niggas been folding in jams
You say you a rider
You snitched on your man
You thought you was slick
But got caught in a jam
You say you a shooter
But yo gun ain't go blam
His bitch said it jammed
I seen that bitch nigga had dropped
Dropped the gun outta his hand
Nigga tried to dip
Turned around and ran
The nigga was caught by surprise
The fear in his eyes
I swear that he started to cry
That nigga begged God for his life
This nigga gone
Thought his ass was gon die
We had to dip out before 12 arrived
So he just got shot in his thigh
What a crazy night
That's no lie
The shit that I seen in my life
Sometimes it haunts me at night
But fuck it
Man imma get high
Nigga I gotta stay high
Like all the time
I think it's keeping me alive
And what a time
To be alive
I'm loving the life I live nigga
What's up with it nigga

Writer(s): Caleb Youngblood, Curtis Turner
Copyright(s): Lyrics © DistroKid
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

Back 0n 6ullsh1t, Pt. 1 Meanings

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