Young Dolph I Pray For My Enemies cover

I Pray For My Enemies

Apr 1, 2017

I Pray For My Enemies Lyrics

Song Meaning
Verse 0
I'm drankin' lean and she drinkin' Hennessey
Boujee bitch with pornstar tendencies
I put her on a plane to come and visit me
Got time for her to go back, she don't wanna leave
Already know my haters sick of me
Real nigga, I pray for my enemies
Real nigga, I pray for my enemies
Trap nigga I came up 'bout sellin' P's
Verse 1
Hold up, hold up, hold up, hold up, hold up, hold up, kill em
Verse 2
[Verse 1]
I just left the trap, pulled up at her house
Now she in my lap, no panties under blouse
She say 'hol' up', she want me watch her make it clap
She used to have a nigga she met me and put him out
You see a real trap nigga, bitch point him out
I saw my first 100 pounds of weed and said 'wow'
A 100 mill in ten years, now I'm thinkin' right now
The last three years my main dawg been on the run
My lil' nigga right here with me, he just made bond
She used to hold my palm, yes she my day one
And she fuck me good ever since day one
Verse 3
[Verse 2]
I pray for my opps, my diamonds hopscotch
I feel like I'm in the movie Belly and I'm Ox
Just pulled up at the spot, now look what I just got
I wake up in the morning and go buy my young nigga a drop
R.I.P. J Money, free all my niggas on lock
They tried to do me like they did Kennedy
I ain't mad at cha, I pray for my enemies
I learned how to weigh up dope, takin' chemistry
2017 Dolph made history
All this fucking swag on me came from Italy
I been doin' this shit y'all niggas remember me

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