Cold Lyrics Meanings
by Young Leek


Cold Lyrics

I'm cold like the flu in the middle of the summer
I influenced the plug to lower his numbers
I took me some trips tryna get some loads
I carry some tools like I shop at Lowe's
She wana fuck baby I gotta go
I'm in a hurry tryna flip some bows yah
I say I'm in a hurry tryna flip some bows

We trap thru the winter fucking up tge summer
No cash money baby ima Stunna
I fuck the lil bitch then kick her out the rental
I'm drippn like ain got no prices
so cold bitch thought I was isis
Louie loafers like im going on a date
I sold him the dummy pack like it was bait
Young nigga going ape still rocking bathing ape
I hit me a lic roll bounce ima skate
She singing my name like escape
Member them times I hopping them gates
I'm the jungle wit lions Nd apes
Bears and tigers but still gotta watch for the snakes they bite cha
Get lock down nigga prolly wouldnt write cha
Lay a nigga down for my side like remember the Titans
Swear ima Viking
I drop the AP start cooking the rock
Now bitch I'm striking
She suck the dick so righteous
I might wife her
Know I keep me a strap like I was dyking
Ima mechanic with the hoes u know that I'm

I'm so cold like the flu I'm the middle
Of the summer member them days we was trappn out Honda's hotboxing out the trap
Fuckimh our lungs up
Wish my nigga drizzy was here wit me so we can fuck up some comas we was just Linking like chains in Miami ion want no city girl but I'll fuck on Miami
Lol dark skin bitch name Tammy she so poetic justice no Janet
She love to suck me like some candy
I could never be a bitch ain randy
These bitches some swirlies they just want a nut like sandy im fucking this bad bitch ain pulling out ima get her a plan B
I'm mixing the molly wit lean the zanny dusse and brandy

U wana get some money u gotta expand
U wana take off u gotta have u a plan
Nigga try to rob me he gotta kill me before I give it up
Green nigga wana try ya luck this sig got 10 on me ima bust

Writer(s): Malik Odom
Copyright(s): Lyrics © DistroKid
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

Cold Meanings

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