Interlude A

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by Young Mvchetes


Interlude A Lyrics

"When justice does not exist, God is not known; God is absent" - Gustavo Gutierrez

There's a body found on Sixth Street - a pool still stains Ripley
There are a few empty shells, still rolling down the street from me
There's a woman on the news who said that he had an automatic
There's a man on the golf course whom they still call diplomatic
Then, back to back, there's a buzz generating around my zip code
Pinning out the outsiders while ignoring their own people
Never as conflicted about my role in this environment
When there's a family being starved while I sleep in bed soundly
"History will repeat itself," I sigh as I swallow another beer
My father is an alcoholic, so I contribute to my fear
I've never been a saint, but I refuse to play the victim
Excuses are just distractions from obtaining true solutions
Yet, still the people cry out to the bodies on the streets
A spirit full of progress is now processed into meat
While the shells keep on falling to the rhythm of the bombs
But the shooters are overseas so there's no cause for alarm
And soon, it will be rewritten, so there's no need for concern
All evidence to the contrary is soon 451 and burned
Though the wails of the children continually ring through my ears
And the ghosts of Hiroshima are now joined by this year's
"History will repeat itself," Santayana used to cry
A deserter of the States and now I think I know why
Yet still I sit here silent, dreaming of a brave new world
While the world which I've been offered continues blindly to the spoils

The world is a ghetto, and I've no concern for her future
Revelations are inevitable, whether now, later, or sooner
Revolutions are impossible, unsustainable, or fake
A struggle for ultimate power only breeds the grounds of Earth for snakes
To rise and inject their venom into the hearts of unsuspecting
Generations inside their phones, disconnecting from connecting
Legions of the misinformed cast their spins unto the ether
So then sources of power and trust soon revert back to the leader
So, let's all kill each other then, before we kill ourselves
Let's buy all of the ammo, rusting away on Walmart shelves
Let's sharpen our machetes, and swing them blindly in the night
Let's walk with gasoline into the fire we set, without a fight
Let's let the world manipulate us, and remain divided in joy and compliance
As we then cast out the lepers who instead choose defiance
Because the world is a ghetto, that's a lesson I've learned from WAR
And I'd rather die than testify when it's right outside my door!

Writer(s): Kody Stadler
Copyright(s): Lyrics © DistroKid
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

Interlude A Meanings

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