Intro (The Real Me)

Intro (The Real Me) Lyrics Meanings
by Yurz Truly


Intro (The Real Me) Lyrics

After all that I been thru
Tell me what we gonna do
I don't know what we we gon do
We pursue what we want to yea
We just drink to ease the pain
It's destined what we became
Looking round , we need a change
But they view us in complete disdain
And sometimes I don't feel right
Sometimes I don't wanna deal w real life
Betrayal, do you know what that shit feel like
It's more snakes in that grass than you realize
And still I push w this dark cloud over me
I no longer let the past have control on me
Ask my angels for protection fore I go to sleep
I wonder if they'll ever notice me
I keep clutching I don't wanna let them catch me slipping
Aint tryna have my momma crying from me reckless living
No one surprises me, I'm no longer expecting different
And my folks sitting in the jails, they expecting visits
And I will, I'm just adjusting to this schedule
Between my youngin and my hustle, not so flexible
Ya biggest competition could be sitting next to you
The worse they do you, they tend to bring out the best of you
I had to go and try to fucking make a way
Just so me and my youngin would have a place to stay
Don't question God I just wonder why do he take away
He got a plan for them good souls, I guess it's safe to say
And I made a way, so I can go get paid today
These streets will make or break depending if you make mistakes
I got some niggas in the sky that tried to pave a way
I keep on thinking narcotics will take the pain away
But it don't, I feel like I'm in this shit alone
What I do wrong, for them to wish that my name was in stone
Different fabric, so shit that you do I don't condone
It's lines you should never cross, you'd know that if you sewn
Wear my heart on my arm, without me being armed
And I wake up every dawn, thankful I ain't harmed
Believe this world is cold, this heater keep me warm
Mama ya son gon shine, I weathered thru the storm
And I knew since I was born, I was the one
Can't judge me from how I carry myself, I'm from the slums
No going back at all, what's done is done

You ain't gotta feel me
Just wanna give you the real me
Before they kill me
Thru it all dawg I'm still me
You ain't gotta feel me
Just wanna give you the real me
Before they kill me
Thru it all dawg I'm still me

Writer(s): Dayequane Araus
Copyright(s): Lyrics © DistroKid
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

Intro (The Real Me) Meanings

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