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by Yurz Truly


Outro Lyrics

No Going Back, no I gotta stay focused
Keep a banga that thing loaded
I was given the cold shoulder
Most people won't see the potential they ain't notice Murder, he wrote it
Situations I gotta cope with Hidden pain I can't show it
One of the coldest
Lately it's been a few mascaras eroding
Too much drama it's hard to hold in emotion
Kiss my young before I walk out in the morning
And tell my mama I love her, don't want her mourning
Feel like I'm goin in an abyss and I'm getting pulled in
Pray I don't have to result to kicking doors in
And if it happens just pray that I don't kick yours in
Just pray that I don't kick yours in
Just pray that I don't kick yours in
Pray I don't have to result the kicking doors in, naw

All of these drugs that's in my system in my woman keep predicting
When I'm having intermissions when really I'm on a mission
Trying to prevent becoming the victim hit by the Smithen
Like my folks incarcerated or distant I'm going to miss em
And it's a couple ways you can leave
In the pursuit of happiness my only tactic is to pray before sleep
Then I wake up and go get it every day of the week
And Helen Keller to the streets cause they playing for keeps
It's a candle lighting often that's me saying the least
The 1% put a restriction on our ways to succeed
We just run, shoot, and steal like we play in a league
Can't let him take me out the game, gotta stay on my feet
And keep it a buck whatever I keep in tuck
In case a nigga think he caught me slippin leaving the club
How I'm feeling is the result of what I keep in my cup
They in the lead but I promise that they can't lead it like us
I like to vibe out , chill, put some weed in my Dutch
And keep a few bad bitches like I'm breeding some pups
Tell them niggas it ain't no need to be competing with us
You'll go against-all-odds tryna get even with us
And that's facts
And that's facts
I be tryn fall back, f*** bitches and count stacks yea
And that's facts
Tryn fall back

RIP and free the guys
Feels good to be alive read between the lines
Of love and hate, hides jealousy we believe the lies
I swear I met my Creator when weed was legalized
Shit still feels like enslavement when will we arise
Right outside of this Matrix is where our freedom lies
Why we decide to rebel it's many reasons why
Rules need to be revised we want equal lives and opportunities
I realized that this system is not for unity
Money, murder and sex is the continuity
I'm not just ranting, none of this content's new to me
Wanna establish some hope inside my community
My community
'Side my community
Right, right

Writer(s): Dayequane Araus
Copyright(s): Lyrics © DistroKid
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

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