Year One

Year One Lyrics Meanings
by Z2a Holyfield


Year One Lyrics

Touchdown number 24
We run the line
Run up big scores
Bring my bitch with me she a Labrador
She my battle dog for this World War
Take her thrift shopping on some Macklemore
Overnight shifts working 9 to 4
Picking up Wendys some 4 for 4
Then sit down and scheme how to get some more
It's the first year, I'm on automatic Shooting movie clips it's a cinematic
With a bad bitch and you know she tatted, craving my dick like a raving rabid
Gold bedding for my new king mattress Gold Letter for my new scholar jacket
Gold nuggets and sweet n sour packets, gold shield on me you call me captain
I'm first year but my money stacking
18 cause I heard ya mom was asking, Instagram flicks while the camera flashing
They told me ball out so I started rapping
Told em all about it and they started laughing
Got a present for them that I'm still unwrapping
It's an Easter egg and it's still unhatching
Like a happy meal
I'm coming with the Batman

Year one
Got the Nash jersey in the damn sun
Fortnite Dub with a tommy gun
Got a rare bitch but she want it done
On Year one
Yeah, I'm on year one
Balling hard while I still got it young
Order Big Macs with my McCLungs

On Year one
Yeah, I'm on year one
Off the lean back with the and one
Step back swish hitting everyone
On Year one
Yeah, I'm on year one
We stay with the biz, ain't no one and done
Soon it's game over, it'll say I won
And I just begun

Like Zed and Oh, She don't want it sloppy
But I'm sloppy joe, now she begging to me that she want it slow
But I make my bread like I'm making toast, sweet icing on me like some cookie dough
Got the mask on me like I'm frozone
Got the gas on me like the ozone
Got the flash pass with a promo
I'm like dash up against syndrome
On a lost ark Indiana Jones
While I rock out with some Flinstones
Call it star wars with some Rebel clones
Imma scooby-doo with a doggy bone
She a Juliet with a garden gnome
She gonna bumble bee for my honeycomb
Now we out back with filet mignon

Year one
Supreme backpack with a Simeon
Jet ski whips in Caribbean
And a bad bitch are you w/ me mun
Year one
Homies pick the drank up on a beer run, and then we switched up on the gears son
Then we turn up at the piers for fun
Oh year one

On my momma this for her
On my poppa, on my sisters
On my brothers, on my girl
Imma love them all forever
They gonna always be my world
Many blessings all around me
So I put the Savior first
I was hungry so he fed me
But I still had quenching thirst
I had water, he made wine
And now I wanna be immersed
In the darkness he gonna shine
He gonna break all of our curse
And he gonna love you, I will promise
You can find it in a verse

Yeah touchdown number 24
Tripping on the line
Ran a 54
Got my babe screaming that she wants some more
She my battlecry for this World War
Going downtown like some Macklemore
Flaming on like fantastic four
Boutta spell it out like it's Dumbledore
B E NN E TT bout to get some more
Call of duty playing on some hardcore
I'm Diego Dora boutta explore
I'm a green lantern from the lantern corps
Like a CEO on the top floor
Y'all was sleeping on me like some Eeyores
I ain't done yet so I'm all yours
I ain't done yet so I'm all yours
Do your damn chores
Only midverse, you gonna ride it out like a damn horse
Now I'm eating nigga boutta gain force
I ain't full yet bring the main course
Matter fact nigga bring the flame torch
Matter fact nigga I'm done
I heated up now it's overdone, now you staring at me hit you with the stun
I got plenty more this is year one

Writer(s): Zachary Bennett
Copyright(s): Lyrics © DistroKid
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

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