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A man cheating etc in a romantic relationship and being called out for it. Caught in the act or she had facts to back it up so there's no use for him to pretend she's wrong. He can't disguise it because she knows the truth and can see through his lies. it's her bad luck to have fallen in love with him. He feels bad about it and wants to make it good for her salvage the relationship if possible. she wore him out like an old winter coat from all the fighting and yelling and mistrust etc .He wants to be saved from the cold, all her actions Yelling fighting putting him down etc. He still loves her and respects her deeply so when it's his time to throw the next stone instead of fighting, bad mouthing her and causing a further rift in the relationship he calls her beautiful if he calls at all. She calls him a dog tells him he and his friends are lowlifes and viscous animals like badgers and wolfs. She through him out kicked him out because he went searching for the American dream and riches to maintaining their relationship. In the end he never got the riches just a hand full of coal zip zilch nada. So when it's his time to call her bluff he calls her beautiful or leaves it alone. She still calls him a dog and that's fare enough to him it doesn't bother him as long as she knows. That bad luck will follow her if she keeps him on a leash and drags him along. Shes blowing hot and cold saying that they might work it out one minute then saying the relationship is over the next etc. Leaving him in limbo with mixed signals not giving him a yes or no answer about their relationship. He calls her beautiful tells her he loves her and wants her back romantically or he will leave it alone and walk away no friend zone love or nothing. And yet again she calls him a dog she's not over his indiscretions but she still loves him and still can't make up her mind to stay or go yet.