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2 years ago
For me, the song is about a woman who is deeply love, and at some point in her relationship with her guy she messed up.
"I am not perfect
I would never let
You think I was more than this
As good as it gets"
She owns her mistakes and is wanting him to accept her....flaws and all.

She could've just left, but she can't because she knows she would be making a HUGE mistake by running away.
"I'll have one regret
You're something I cannot miss"
So what does she do? She goes all in, leaving herself vulnerable and bare.
"I'll have one regret
You're something I cannot miss"

She's at his mercy because regardless her heart has made a choice and there's no changing that.
Right now their relationship is in "limbo", but it's not because she's trying to figure out what she wants....she's "wading" [waiting] for him to make a choice. For her, the decision is made and she's all in!
"I will be wading
I will be wading
For you
I will be waiting
I will be waiting
Till I turn blue"

She's trying to get him to understand that the relationship that they have isn't going to last if it keeps going the way it has been. So, she starts off with giving him a mental visual of what their relationship/dealings with eachother could be.
"Picture me rolling
Out in the open, baby I know
That you would notice
You have been hoping I wouldn't go"
"Picture me rolling
Out in the open
With some other man I know
That you would notice
And you were hoping
Feelings wouldn't start to grow"

I guess you could take the doing as a plea or cry for him to go back to the love they used to have.
"Don't keep me waiting
I will turn blue"