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And what a beautiful song it is too - Comment by Betchabygollywo 2 years ago
I met the Stylistics years ago when they were playing in Ilfracombe and I asked them about the meaning of Payback is a Dog. It's nothing like what people think. When they were growing up in Phili, one of their mates Donny had a secret friend called Payback and no one could figure out who it was. Until one day he brought his secret friend to school. Payback was a dog! A little Jack Russell who had quite a nip on him. So when someone pissed Donny off it was Payback time and they'd end up with a bitten ass. And since Payback was so small and quick, he was long gone before the poor victim knew what'd happened. Years later when the Stylistics wrote the song they just left it to people's imagination. They asked me to keep this story a secret and only release it if Britain was in any kind of trouble. They thought it might help to take our minds off reality. We've left the EU and it's a kind of payback too. Kapeesh? - Comment by Betchabygollywo 2 years ago