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Hello! I am a music lover, just like y'all! I hang out here and help others figure out what lyrics mean! Hope to see you soon!

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Born Without a Heart cover Born Without a Heart by Faouzia

"Born Without A Heart" speaks about Faouzia possibly being hurt by someone to the point where she feels heartless anytime she sees them cry. She cries out in the chorus "I wasn't always like this", and I think that means she has been broken to the point where she feels numb. She doesn't feel anything when she sees the people who hurt her get hurt. She stands in silence when they try and hurt her. Or, when they're hurt, calling herself a "bitter pill" and saying she "doesn't care how much silence kills". People call her an angel, but she questions what they mean by that. But when people call her a nightmare she agrees with them. Thank you for reading!

Brilliant but I'd like to add to it. She brings up the fact that hurt people return the hurt onto others and instead of getting hurt again she'd rather act as she didn't have a heart

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