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I'm a Russian student studying in USA for a PhD in music and education, currently living in Atlanta!

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Mistakes cover Mistakes by Tamari

Mistakes by Tamari is one of the most thoughtful and meaningful song from the prefecture of Montreal, Canada. Behind this masterpiece is sheltered an emotional meaning. The song portrays a breakup between 2 guys in which one of the guys is willing to put his heterosexuality aside and it is notably shown in the line "You told me that you loved me, so I pushed these girls aside". The song switches between commenting and talking with his lover and thou's actions. For example, in the second verse, Tamari comments on how people change's so quickly and how time flies. In the chorus, however, he talks directly to his lover, in which he tells him that he should've listened to his friend and be heterosexual. Tamari talks about his struggles between homosexuality and heterosexuality. "Mistakes" depicts a subject largely untouched and thus making it an extremely meaningful song. Overall mistakes is a perfect representation of the LGBTQ+ community and the addiction to love.

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