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Thoughts by Rashada

Legend cover Legend by TuneTuneFTW

Honesty in expression. Truth will always overcome lies and facades. This artist express things so fluently as far as what they like and don’t like. And it’s just as any other human being. It’s like you are me. I am you. That’s dope. I love to feel connected

Legend cover Legend by TuneTuneFTW

Legend is a God figure. God body. This artist speaks truthful on themself. Good and bad. Sounds like she cheated. But due to lack of attention from her spouse. With someone who is her bestfriend maybe. The artist hates being called by their government as any other true artist. That’s dope. I like this

Deals cover Deals by TuneTuneFTW

She’s a simple person those who know this artist KNOWS THAT but instead use that as an advantage to compare the artist to materialized people. And systems. Damn this is brilliant. TUNETUNEFTW

Deals cover Deals by TuneTuneFTW

The artist is basically stating what great deals bring, women who make up rumors on you, people who make up rumors. Some are close to you who know facts and knows how to stir up FACTS into rumors.

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