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blue skies cover blue skies by SempreSolo

His songs are weirdly Cryptic.. i dont think he ever mentioned what it was about so i guess its up to interpretation. The lines "i could count all the stars in the sky" maybe means something thats possible but would be near impossible to do claiming that its not impossible for us to try and Basically "blue skies" represents freedom so maybe This song is pretty much representing to break away from someone ? Implying they could both be free if theyre away from eachothers toxic behavior ? Possibility deffinetly seems like its written about someone personally. 🤔 not sure though. Good song regardless

Dead Eyez cover Dead Eyez by SempreSolo

Not sure this song is alot like his other rock based songs. Like pawn, the boy with the blackest 👀, not sure if they have meaning but the Versatility is 🔥

HATE ME cover HATE ME by SempreSolo

Pretty good song, definitely pulls at the heart strings. Something about the phone effect they put on makes it momore emotional. Sounds like hes calling to share his final thoughts 😔 very emotional piece of Art

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