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Sean cover Sean by The Proclaimers

This is my favorite song on "Leith", and one of my all-time favorite songs ever, for this one profound lyric: "Sean, I sat awhile on clouds, to ask God if He's livin'. I should've spent some time on knees in thanks for what He's given." Simply, it's about a man who's been jaded throughout his life. Nothing excites him anymore, and he even doubts the existence of God. But upon the birth of his daughter, he sees a whole new meaning to life. His eyes are open to God's glorious gifts of life and joy, and the strength of bonding in family. How many of us as parents can nod in agreement? Do you remember the moment your firstborn came into the world? God's amazing miracle of life. As terrible as this world can be sometimes, He is always in control. God is good, all the time.

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