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Push Push cover Push Push by Cinderella

The song is about a guy and his girl shooting drugs, probably heroin. He says"I'm getting hot got to give a shot." Describing the feeling when an addict is in need of a shot a drugs. It goes on to describe other aspects of shooting drugs. For instance," Loves looking steady, It's getting sticky, I thought she might miss me." When the drug is melted down for injection, if you wait to long it will become solidified again. Before that happens it becomes sticky as it begins to turn back into a solid. He's afraid she may miss his vein in the process. He says "She's looking fine, flashing like a neon sign" refers to the flash of blood you see that confirms that the needle is in a vein. "She thinks it's love, I told her it comes in time" meaning in time she will become addicted as well.

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