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Goliath cover Goliath by Melanie Doane

I feel the song represents the drive we need to experience all the possibilities we have in life. Melanie states we've "been sleeping under the beanstalk" which represents the ever growing possibilities we have over us. Melanie shows this drive through the quote "I'm on my way somewhere" "just like I know you've got something inside of you". I feel the underlying belief is we need to be our own hero . It is up to us. "No one else can fight this fight".

I think that the song is saying we need to fight through our problems no matter what they are and that once we make it through than we have good coming for us don't dwell on what goes wrong just look at life and take the good things the verse "I've been waiting for a signal for something to tell me everything's all right but now I see it's up to me no one else can fight this fight" says to stop waiting for others to tell you that you are doing things right you need to tell yourself

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