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Heartbeat Loud cover Heartbeat Loud by Andy C, Fiora

Heartbeat Loud uses the beat of the music as a metaphor for romantic love. Andy C begins by declaring that she should know he is already into her and ready to take things seriously. However, Andy C wants them to take things slowly - rolling with it as it comes, not making straight for this heat. He wants her to slowly unravel her mystery that is self-evident to him. Because nothing ever skips my beat like it does - her mystery is a key part of his attraction. Andy C then states his desire to move forward with their relationship - he is done with this history and wants her to skip to his beat. In the metaphorical chorus, Andy C makes references to the melodic 'drop' asking if she is ready to bring the beat around - to bring her beat he hears loud into a beat between them in romantic relationship.

Heartbeat Loud cover Heartbeat Loud by Andy C, Fiora

In the second verse, Andy C invites her to take their attraction seriously, stating that her destiny is right on the tip of this shoulder. Andy C acknowledges that their relationship is not yet passionate (the beat hasn't commenced) but that they are on the same frequency so there is potential. He contrasts 'heat' the fiery attraction, which is present, with beat - a mutual affection - which is still to be obtained. The chorus repeats in which Andy C uses the metaphor of the break up of the musical beat in the song 'to pieces' with the way she makes him feel. Namely the debilitating desire he feels for her.

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