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Sister Honey cover Sister Honey by Stevie Nicks

Like all almost everyone of her songs she has written herself, it is highly personal and deeply introspective...I feel herein she is putting forth conversarion between a lover, avknowleding her sexuality, libido, and prowess as a female rocker... she's perhaps more than where of Whispers that exactly a nun and come on now Stevie! Sensuality oozes from her white-winged chiffon... So perhaps she is calling herself and taking on the character of an unconventional nun and atypical hooker, "Sister Honey." She's making fun of herself to a lover who might have been uncomfortable or judging about her sexual aggression/confidence and with having a dialogue about it--the fact that she's not a nun...but her prowess doesn't make her a prostitue either...she may even be implying that her physical brand of loving is really casting a spell that provides sexual and spiritual healing... And in typical and lovable Stevie Nicks style, by the end of the song, she issues a haunting and foreshadowing caution that, if things don't change, she's outta there, and all he is going to see is her backside, particularly her long, blonde hair whisping in his face, as she bolts as quickly as those 6" platform boots will take her out the door!

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