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Dedicated cover Dedicated by Nea

2) He must although already know that he's going to break her heart if he leaves in this ridiculous way. The part from "Maybe you will lay and listen" to "Go ahead and tell everyone that I'm crazy" is my favorite part. Now she's clearing in-depth why she's not who he thinks she is, just a normal girl who'll be forgotten quickly. It concludes everything because she's basically telling him that he'll regret leaving her, even if he lets people think she's mad or whatever he does. Sorry for such a long explanation but that's the best I could do. Have a good one.

Dedicated cover Dedicated by Nea

1) I'm not really the best when it comes to analyzing the goals behind the lyrics of love songs because I can't really relate due to never being in a relationship. Here is however my take on this amazing song: I'll begin with the overall idea that the couple are about to break up, although the girl is promising him that everything will be fine if he stays. He's basically on the other hand looking for attention by tarnishing her reputation between her friends by telling them that she's a one crazy woman. She's saying it'll be ok but he clearly just wants to leave as if she's just like any other girl. "If you leave then you know my heart will break." "I might cry on the floor for a couple days but I'll find someone who'll be dedicated if you walked out." This basically means that she loves him to the point that she doesn't want him to leave but if he leaves, she'll just move on and find someone who would truly love her.

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