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Outlaw State of Mind cover Outlaw State of Mind by Chris Stapleton

I cut my teeth on an Daddy's old LGO. Meaning a Gibson LGO Acoustic Guitar produced from 1966-69. And TW put a snake on my back. Meaning on a drunk he got a Tattoo of a Snake on his back from drinking Tennessee Whisky [TW]. I Keep a Red-Bar on my side. Red-Bar is the company that makes the Military Approved Tactical Combat Knives for the United States Government. Some people call them [kabar, ka-bar, or k-bar] knives after the model number starting with the letter K. I used to know the lady sales agent for Red-Bar personally, and she taught me a lot about the different model numbers and they're newest models of high end cutlery that they have expanded into for civilian use. Very expensive but extremely high end American made Knives made only from the highest quality billets' or Bars of steel and rolled thousands of times for the toughest, longest lasting sharp knives. The rest of the song is self explanatory.

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