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Who Am I cover Who Am I by Country Joe & The Fish

someone being confronted with loss of idealism, painful, the price of idealistic freedom, because unexpectedly unrealistic, turns out to be lies and crime, trying to keep it going, the price of love was deep pain, when reality interfered. the song came out in november of 1967, this was an age at the beginning disillusionment following the summer of love when all things seemed possible and there was no fear of anything, but this mindset inevitably encounters obstacles, the come down is harshly depressing, those feelings can be numbed with the kinds of drugs which do that, but feelings can't be ultimately escaped, short of death. there is a kind of identity crisis being expressed in the song, and struggling with internal contradictions along with external ones, a person losing touch with the unquestioned security of idealistic youth, and at war with parts of themselves. the outcome remains to be determined (back then, 1967).

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