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And Our Feelings cover And Our Feelings by Babyface

Really love this song, I think the lyrics are beautiful and can really drive home important issues. The song talks about how other people can ruin a couple's relationship. In a couple, arguments and disagreements are bound to occur, and both people may perhaps turn to friends or family for advice on the relationship, instead of solving the issues together as a couple. This obviously means that a rift can occur in the relationship, leading to a breakup, like in this song. The truth is, no relationship is perfect, and from an outside perspective the relationship may not be worth pursuing, or the other person may "not good enough". However, these comments can blur the couple's view of the relationship and make them forget the reasons they were in it in the first place. Ultimately, in a relationship only the people involved truly know whether their love is worth fighting for or not, and no one else should attempt to make that decision for them. I find this song so touching because it's saying that despite the mistakes and the lows, his love is still strong and he shows a willingness and almost a desperation to work through the problems, together, without anyone else trying to intrude on something that they can never truly understand. Only they can feel their love for each other, no one else. Beautiful song.

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