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She Burns cover She Burns by Foy Vance

This is a real masterpiece by Northern Irish singer songwriter Foy Vance. Lyricially the song can be interpreted as a man still having true feelings for an ex lover, he is infatuated by this woman and she has a hold on him, but deep down he knows he can not have her back for whatever reason. This man is most certainly still in love with this woman. Foy Vance describes this woman as “she burns” possibly meaning her beauty shines so bright it comes across as she is burning. The preceding line “I’m breathing so deep that just breathing hurts, I’m melting down and I can’t let go”, shows that thid man is hurting bad by losing the love of his life and he is physicially hurting with the pain of missing her. He wants to forget her and let go but he can’t as she is scared on his heart.

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