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Random cover Random by G‐Eazy

This song in my personal opinion means, that opportunity to prosper isn't random. Some people get it some people don't. Don't listen to the bullshit in the media. Just focus on YOU. If you do that and you work hard and have drive and passion and know when that opportunity presents itself you'll get it. The line "I was born addicted to the money now I finally found a way to manage it" I think is key. That addiction he's talking about affects very very few people. 1% of people have it and that addiction drives them to be where they want to be. It's very simple. But the lyrics are definitely what every single rich person will ever tell you. Don't follow hype, don't follow, trends, don't follow anything except what your passionate about and fine-tune whatever that may be. He isn't bragging in my opinion. I believe he is actually laying out the basic foundation of becoming rich if you truly want it.

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