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Pity Party cover Pity Party by Melanie Martinez

It's about the character, Cry Baby, that Melanie made when she started writing her songs. So Cry Baby sends invitations for her birthday party to her friends (who aren't really her friends) and when the day finally comes, no one shows up. She starts overthinking her situation with complicated feelings and soon loses it.

Your on the right track, but you have to look at the mental aspect instead of what she's literally singing. in other words, you have to interpret what she's saying not write out what she said in different words. See what I just did? The first and second sentance I wrote mean exactly the same thing but in different words which is not interpreting what I said.

Soap cover Soap by Melanie Martinez

In this song, Melanie's referring to any girl who shared her emotions with a boy, but when she tells him that she love him, he doesn't know how to react to it or how to say it back. The character from the song regrets it cuz soon the relationship that used to be between them is ruined

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