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A singer and a musician and a songwriter out to share a story to the world. Now on Spotify, iTunes, iHeartradio, Applemusic and Amazon. Also a casual gamer!

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Turning Me cover Turning Me by Lukas Skye

"Behind the song" "Turning Me" the process of writing the lyrics was short, only took 5 minutes other then going back and editing. It was a dark time in that point of time of my life and especially within myself, I seen and felt evil within, my own demons were really breaking thru the dungeon walls that I had them hidden away inside. Dealing with a Rapid Cycling Bi polar disorder had its challanges and the things that I did within the past were presenting themselves and I had to face myself. I was letting the demons and my wrongs take over my mind, it all was turning me bad. You got to face yourself, fight those demons and find love for yourself, dont let it turn you unless you have control. Thanks for everyone who has listened to the song and all of the support, im just trying share my story thru music with the world- Lukas Skye (Melvin Luke Griffith)

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