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Hi! I am just a person looking for something interesting around the "real" and the Virtual World

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Streamer Room cover Streamer Room by Melanie Estrella

Having a crush on someone on the other side of the world that can only be appreciated from a screen by the one in love.

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OVER cover OVER by Melanie Estrella

A state of denial at end of an inmature long-distance relationship.

Tumblr Boy cover Tumblr Boy by Melanie Estrella

It is the feeling of being successful and lucky for the fact of dating a person who meets the standards of beauty according to teenage girls on the internet.

What Are We Playing At cover What Are We Playing At by Melanie Estrella

Philophobia caused due to an Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Specifically the fear of hurting a 3rd person when entering a new relationship.

Betrayal cover Betrayal by Melanie Estrella

The end of a relationship which traces can only be perceived through hallucinations caused by an infatuation.

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Your World cover Your World by Melanie Estrella

The desire of being romantically involved with someone who is always so into their own thoughts.

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Tik Tok Rockstar cover Tik Tok Rockstar by Melanie Estrella

The definition of a person whose vocation is to live from the entertainment and the alternative music is part of their identity.

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Love Haters cover Love Haters by Melanie Estrella

Just a psychological way to perceive those with a lack of appreciation.

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404 ERROR cover 404 ERROR by Melanie Estrella

404 Error is a metaphorical way to compare the impossibility to find a website page and the inability to find stability in real life.

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ALT Kids cover ALT Kids by Melanie Estrella

ALT comes from the key button Alt and at the same time from Alternative, which is a combination between the 2000s aesthetic and a reference to rebel teenagers that have an attachment for the technology.

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