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In The Night cover In The Night by The Weeknd

The weeknd and another guy seem to be talking about a woman they're both involved with, the female subject of this song. She was sexually abused as a child (she was young when she was forced to be a woman,) and has never recovered from it. She's now a stripper who dances to the same song her abuser sang while raping her (he sang a song when he did it.) The emotional damage from her rape has turned her into a sexually wild and promiscuous person (she's capable of anything, it's reviting.) It has also made her incapable of loving someone and cold hearted ( in the morning she's always gone.) The weeknd has made his peace with his relationship with the stripper (I don't mind) but the other guy seems to feel used by her and is being judgemental. The Weeknd tells him he shouldn't be and then explains her story (I don't think you understand.) It sounds like he wrote this for someone he knows that really was abused. So many victims of child rape end up as co dependents, strippers, porn stars, promiscuous and emotionally bankrupt. The rape changes how they see themselves, and not for the better

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