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Satellite cover Satellite by OceanLab

The first steps in the snow symbolize the permanent impression made in fresh snow that can never be removed once made. Once her love is started she will love that person no matter how far they go, hence "first steps in the snow follow you everywhere you go". The"pain as light" discribes her love as the light but her pain is the realization that he doesn't realize her love for him.... His thoughts and perceptions of love his fantasy dream of what love is what she has for him. Having such a deep love for him she holds on to his words in her head repeating and analyzing them for hope and truth. Praying to a singing satellite represents wishing upon a star. That wish is then granted and sent from heaven. Referring to the winds that bring the cold all cold wind comes from the sky, wind in general comes from the sky. As his dream woman, manifested by his encounters him she sparks the fire of love in his soul. This love, as love feels deeply euphoric ticklish at the least, as the lightest touch of feathers falling "all over ones body". And even though her love is invisible it is the whole inspiration of what he dreamed love would ever be.....

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