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Be Not Always cover Be Not Always by The Jackson 5

just my own interpretation of the song.... Always means “at all time” and Michael Jackson is referring to the world situations such poverty, war, terrorism, grief and all chaos that are happening at all time. These circumstances have never change for a long time and he wants this “always” not to happen “always” because if it does, it’s going to be a big shame for us people that we never do anything to calm this planet. There will always be blame to those in the responsibility (the government) but we must actually have to put in our minds that blames will be in all of us. When Michael said “faces, did you see their faces?”, it shows his sympathy to those who had been a victim of war etc. He is asking us if we can feel their pain, if they touch our hearts to do good things, to stop violence and to help. Research, politicians always give us promises, assurance that life would be better. But promises are just promises because it’s been decades and centuries that we all are longing for peace and order but until now, it’s still just a word. “How can we claim to stand for peace when the race is armed in strife, destroying life?” Even wars are destined to stop violence and promote peace but this only causes more life destroying situation. The soldiers are in rage to win when they must fill their hearts with love to achieve “understanding”. Imagine this earth? It’s in fear and hatred and we don’t know when it’s all going to end. So he is wishing that “always must be not always”.

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