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my home is in heaven


and i wanna go home ; ang pag ibig ay hindi nagwawakas

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Lakbay cover Lakbay by Mikhail Tolentino ft. Sharmaine Formales

Been blinded by tons of heartaches in the past, I forgot that I still have God with me; or maybe I didn't but I refuse to run to Him during the dark moments. I always think He would not accept me. Palagi akong nahihiya sa Lord kapag nasa isa akong hindi magandang kalagayan. Imbis na sa Kanya ako lumapit, lalo akong lumalayo. Para akong kabute na pasulpot sulpot. This song has been on my playlist and I always skip it whenever it is its time to play. Listening to this song today reminded me again for the nth time, GOD IS WITH ME. Wala akong dapat ikahiya dahil in the first place alam naman Niya lahat. I can get through all of this, and I am not alone, never will I be alone. God has promised me this. True peace and joy is in Him. My worth is found in Him. I am beyond blessed.

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