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In The Night cover In The Night by The Weeknd

As far as I know, he wrote this song in Marilyn Monroe's old bedroom? And when I hear it, I do come to think of Marilyn Monroe. - "Dollar bills and tears keep falling down her face" Fame nor money can solve her internal problems. So she depends on love (or something that looks a lot like it) to solve those problems of her own. It' can't - it's not his problem - it's hers. "But when you wake up she's always gone" - could probably refer to Marilyn's early death. It also reminds me very much Michael Jackson. Billie Jean or something, I don't know. So it could also be about a groupie.

Elastic Heart cover Elastic Heart by Sia, The Weeknd, Diplo

An elastic band (or rubber band if youl will) can expand > grow And likewise an elastic band can contract - that's what they do. So the "I" of the song probably feels both hate and love for this other person. In the song she compares herself to a rubber band, when you pull to hard, the rubber band will snap and so will she. Snap meaning several tihings - breaking, breaking down, up and into two. But she has got thick skin - her rubber band is strong. It bounces back. This sounds like an unhealthy on/off relationship. The rubber band expands and contracts (just like a beating heart) in what sounds like an ongoing and neverending cycle . The rubber band reminds me somewhat of a boomerang in this song - it always return. She is possibly not likely to break the cycle. - Because you cannot conquer love.

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