If It Don’t Make Dollars Mug

Highlight your personality or that of a loved one with this quirky ‘If it don’t make money’ mug that is sure to warm their heart every time they warm their belly.


What a way to conjure a smile every single day! This new favorite ‘if it don’t make money’ mug will live through generations with how durable it is and made from white ceramic material. It also slows down heat conduction to give you time to savor the taste of your beverage without going cold. Being super easy to clean will make you love it more and more! Finished with rounded corners and the classic C handle, enjoy the quaint style of this 11-ounce sized mug while you remind yourself to only focus on the money.


  • Made from White Ceramic
  • Standard 11 Ounces Size
  • Rounded Corners
  • Sturdy C-Handle


Weight N/A