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Lost cover Lost by Nived

I think this is about his previous music project that never took off that “part of me wasn’t meant to be” line is possibly referring to the cancellation of that previous project that wasn’t meant to be

Slide cover Slide by Shaquees

"Slide" is A Word For Murkin a Nigga or Killin.

Away From You cover Away From You by Danny Lee Salazar

Away From You well the meaning of this song when I wrote it I was in a dark place in my life. it is how I felt being away from everyone I loved and cared about. the performance on this recording was emotional it really catches the attention of the listener so I decided to release it as is. Danny Lee Salazar - 2021

The Spiraling Void cover The Spiraling Void by The Faceless

The entire album is about death "in becoming a ghost". This song is about nihilism and addiction. Feet of lead and wings of tin, analogy of not being able to make a difference or escape your situation (withdrawals).

Psykodelich cover Psykodelich by House of iD

We have a guess.... It's that in this world where we seek escape in the form materialism, drugs, physical manifestations there is an untold unfathomable dimension lurking between your ears. Our journey told here was dark, yours could be full of light, that's on each traveler. Or maybe we were just 3 days deep into a DMT LSD CCC fueled rage and the ramblings we found later written in crayon on the walls and furniture seemed to make for a good song....

Hate Me cover Hate Me by Blue October

I believe that this song shows how Justin is struggling with his bipolar disorder and he feels guilty for dragging his mother through it.

West Valley City cover West Valley City by aCeGodsGrandpa

I think it means, even with people trying to scam him, set him up, and see to his demise.. he still rises because he’s already drowned and kept swimming, and therefore it’s become organic. Or natural for him to not panic. Because he’s prepared…


woah. this song is insane, i like his style. sinxi is so good on the song 2.

DA Hood! cover DA Hood! by The Red Eyed Bob Band

At first I thought it was about an old buddy from the old neighborhood that hadn't been around for a while. The old days when you could walk the streets and leave your doors and windows unlocked. Then you get "bolt it shut and hit the floor", reflecting a change in the ol' hood, similar to a lot of neighborhoods in the US today. Then I looked on their website and now I am not so sure they aren't talking about "justice" hasn't been around in a long time. Maybe social justice or the law. The lyrics of other songs are on their website making me wonder maybe it is environmental justice with lyrics of some other songs there. That's what I think.

Repent! for the Kingdom of God Is at Hand cover Repent! for the Kingdom of God Is at Hand by Connor Payne

This song is a call to repentance, especially for myself. I struggle a lot with lust, greed, pride, and rage. The lyrics "hate and fear and wrath" are talking about the rest of the world because there's so much of that.

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