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Stop Calling Me cover Stop Calling Me by Avatar DLB

'Stop calling me' is a very interesting song i highly recommend

SNAP cover SNAP by Rosa Linn

SNAP is a song about the healing process after losing someone close to you. It addresses the struggle of letting go of someone who continues to dwell in your thoughts and heart despite all attempts at closure. With each snap of her fingers, Rosa remembers her journey toward recovering from her lost love, acknowledging both sadness and helplessness throughout it. The song ultimately becomes an anthem of resilience and self-empowerment as the narrator reclaims control over her feelings and tries to get over her offender.

the swag pride bikers cover the swag pride bikers by jimmypuked

The swag pride bikers is about these bikers who were at the hospital that Ace (jimmypuked) was at.

Then I Knew cover Then I Knew by TooZesty

The poem expresses the speaker's realization of love and the emotions it brings. It describes a woman who makes the speaker feel free and happy, and the speaker is certain of his feelings and desire to stay with her. The love is depicted as growing stronger and the repetition emphasizes the speaker's certainty. Overall, it is a simple but powerful expression of love,

Lifetime cover Lifetime by HelloImDavidHaha

Was looking for a different song with the same title. Seems like this song is describing being content with a hint of doubt of a relationship/friendship at the same time. Feels like we’re in the middle of the story, just enjoying the moment

Hey You cover Hey You by Miranda Cosgrove

This song is about a person with low self-esteem while lifting others with low self-esteem. Miranda wants the person to see themself as they see everyone else.


Believer cover Believer by Imagine Dragons

Imagine Dragons is singing about overcoming adversity and finding the strength to believe in yourself and reach your goals. "Believer" encourages everyone that despite the pain and hardships life can bring, never give up on yourself, because you are capable of great things. It encourages people to face their fears and take on challenges with an open heart and determination. The song emphasizes that success can come from any situation, no matter how difficult it may seem.

abcdefu cover abcdefu by GAYLE

The song "abcdefu" by GAYLE is a breakup anthem that speaks to the frustration of being in a dead-end relationship. It explores the feeling of being taken for granted and not receiving the love, respect, or affection that one deserves. The song's title serves as a reminder to the listener to not waste their time on people who don't appreciate them, instead using the FU to "spell it out" and call out their partner for the poor treatment. Ultimately, the song is about taking a stand and taking back control of your life by walking away from a toxic relationship.

Bichiyal cover Bichiyal by Bad Bunny ft. Yaviah

"Bichiyal" by Bad Bunny and Yaviah is a song about a woman who is almost single, surrounded by a group of tough female friends. She is seen as wild and liberated, not afraid to party and dance the night away without fear of judgment. The song also talks about the dangers she may face if she continues in this lifestyle, but ultimately paints her in a positive light, as someone who wishes to live life on her own terms.

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