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Out on a Limb cover Out on a Limb by Teena Marie

Man. I can say so much about this song. But where do I start. Out on limb is a phrase reflective of taking a risk taking a chance. Obviously this person has let her down because she states giving in to you again but she is deeply in love with this person and decides what the hell do or die its on. She thinks maybe this time it means forever.

Lady of Winter cover Lady of Winter by Crimson Glory

I thought I heard this song was about a homeless woman cuddled up to someone to stay warm and for a fix then overdoses

Symphonia IX cover Symphonia IX by Current Joys

I think the meaning behind this song is one lovers point of view on a one sided relationship. The lover seeing their partner slowing falling out of love with them. And saying they want to be what they want, before the relationship dies. “As you fade away alive, I lay dying. Meaning as their partner slowly falls out of love, the lover whos pov we’re seeing is dying from putting too much effort into a dying relationship. And theres nothing they can do about it. “I try and try to make you cry and make you love me. Oh I would say yes.” They dont want to let go of this person, they want to hold on for as long as they can. They want to be wanted and loved again how it once was. But this song could be interpreted in many different ways.

Luther's Freestyle cover Luther's Freestyle by Lute

Lute's name is Luther Nicholson, perhaps the song is used as an analogy for Lute to speak as his true self, rather than his hip-hop persona. This freestyle is about his come-up from driving a honda accord and being slept on, to rethinking his decisions and his mindset and coming to the realization that he really needs to stay on the grind because he knows it is a blessing to even have the opportunity pursue his dreams. Lute does a great job at explaining his backstory, then expressing the intrusive and self-doubting thoughts he struggled with on the daily. I think that this song is rapped from the perspective of his old self, before he blew up, and everyone just knew him as Luther, hence, "Luther's Freestyle" is manifested. Luther understood that to make his father(pops) proud, he would need to get up and get to it, regardless of how anxious he felt.

He proceeds to tell the audience that everyone doubting him has now left him no choice, but to go all in, as the only other alternatives are to stay stuck in his head and dealing with the anxiety and shame that comes with inaction. In all reality I have no idea about any of this, it's just my theory and analysis, let me know what you think!

Nancy Got A Haircut cover Nancy Got A Haircut by Alec Benjamin Alec Benjamin explains the story behind his song, "Nancey Got A Haircut," track 8 on his new album (Un)Commentary, that came out in April 2022, in a zoom interview conducted by the 'Bringin' it Backwards' podcast, which is available on Spotify & Youtube & other streaming platforms.

Turning Me cover Turning Me by Lukas Skye

"Behind the song" "Turning Me" the process of writing the lyrics was short, only took 5 minutes other then going back and editing. It was a dark time in that point of time of my life and especially within myself, I seen and felt evil within, my own demons were really breaking thru the dungeon walls that I had them hidden away inside. Dealing with a Rapid Cycling Bi polar disorder had its challanges and the things that I did within the past were presenting themselves and I had to face myself. I was letting the demons and my wrongs take over my mind, it all was turning me bad. You got to face yourself, fight those demons and find love for yourself, dont let it turn you unless you have control. Thanks for everyone who has listened to the song and all of the support, im just trying share my story thru music with the world- Lukas Skye (Melvin Luke Griffith)

Pretty Vacant cover Pretty Vacant by Sex Pistols

It was inspired by same theme as Blank Generation by Richard Hell (whose punk lyrics and fashion, ripped t-shirts and safety pins, inspired Sex Pistols manager Malcolm McLaren when he visited NY in 1975). Pretty means "mostly" and "vacant" means offering blank stares, poor or no verbal responses, just useless. The song is of course sarcastic. We're always out to lunch, meaning clueless, useless. Of course we really know how we feel (angry, bored, alienated) but when you treat us like machines or children, we can certainly pretend we're stupid, but we know it's a put-on. You adults might be upset with our passivity, but we don't even care, we'll go on being alienated, we'll keep on scowling and upsetting you with our vacancy. We'll live life our way, so buzz off and leave us alone. Not just Blank Generation, but one could argue that an even earlier song of this type is the Who's My Generation.

Sex Dragon cover Sex Dragon by Cheekbone

i'm losing my mind. Who ar the people that wrote this? why can't i find this beast anywhere other than a redacted spotify link and this site? what happened to it? if you have the full song please email me at i need this in my life.

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