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hate the game cover hate the game by L.M.F.L young dreams

I wrote this song because I was just very depressed and sad once I got sober I tried to write but I had bad writers block so I wated about three mounts and i want to think Atrayou and the rare jay cray and Jaipe for helping me with my flow and how to mix

Brave cover Brave by Songbird Duo ft. Brian Jones

"drown in my own skin?" "Where tears won't think to go?"Lordy

Lately cover Lately by Songbird Duo

Clearly blaming someone else for a psychosis of some sort.

Idfc cover Idfc by Blackbear

I'm only a fool for you And maybe you're too good for me

Island with No Towns cover Island with No Towns by Mack Lorén

I really like this song. I found it on tik tok and was really surprised by how many listens it actually had on Spotify. I think it’s quite relatable to a lot of people, it’s just raw honesty and I liked it so much because I have felt the same way before. I love the plasma tv bit too cos tv is amazing. :)

Hand Me Down World cover Hand Me Down World by The Guess Who

I believe this may be a reference to fractal art by Rick Jarnagan but I have not been able to confirm against the time period

RHODY-O cover RHODY-O by Dlobs

Rhody-O is a play on word for the word “rodeo” and instead I subsitute the nickname for Rhode Island “Rhody” to have it work with “rodeo”-DLobs

Meet Me in the Woods cover Meet Me in the Woods by Lord Huron

Being a soldier for 20 years I hear this differently. To me it seems to resonate as a dark journey. Going from naivety, youth and young ambitions. A soldier trains and is the same person until he goes to war. Time stops or changes. Nothing seems the same. After seeing terrible horrors and noble bravery at the same time you become irrevocably changed. “Fuck with the forces that the eyes can’t see” is about the death of youth through experience. “Come back changed” is what happened to all is us. “Meet me in the woods” means that no one understands but if you want, follow us and we will show you.

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