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Sex with a Ghost cover Sex with a Ghost by Teddy Hyde

I think this sonf is about how he is stick in an abusive relationship that he cant get out of, and hes stuck with the "ghost" of someone he used to love

Deus in Absentia cover Deus in Absentia by Ghost B.C., Ghost

The name means In the absence of God. Can't real figure out what the lyrics means but i guess it is about god and christ. Dues in christi means In the absence of christ:

positions cover positions by Ariana Grande

I agree @t99man. I have been listening to this song for a while now and never picked it up. This single from Ariana apparently has a double meaning. On the surface, most people like myself would think it has to do with a sexual relationship and doing what it takes to please your partner. On the other hand, the song can also be interpreted as a woman empowerment song as women are switching into powerful positions that were previously reserved for men (as seen in the music video).

Go Up cover Go Up by SB19

Go up will always have a special place in my heart. Why give up when you caan Go Up!

Go Up cover Go Up by SB19

Go up is everything. This song is for all people who wants to become successful in the future. We all go up. Trust the process.

Go Up cover Go Up by SB19

Go Up has become the anthem of those who thought of giving up but saw the ray of light and continues to dream

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