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2 weeks ago
I have no personal relationship with the writer not do I know anything about him. This only my opinion. I believe we humans have an indifference within us that battles for total control,and until we learn to combine them and take command we are not at true personal peace. Now saying that I believe when we try to write and express something we feel,it could come out with different meanings from different parts of us sometimes the writer may not truly know what part of him that came from and what is the part or parts trying to say.
This song to me has several meanings depending on the who's listening and their personal condition at the time.
A casual song about wanting to help someone and the refusing your help even as you plead with them to open there mind and they could have everything you have and the frustration of her not listing you say would you even want to be alive if excepted my everything.. implying she wants to be miserable and you want to get high because you can't understand her self imprisonment to misery.
Two this song has a very deep meaning of your inner spirit being called by Christ telling you to open your mind to a higher understanding to your choice everything or death. But you gotta except help and stop rolling the dice with your life because your choosing death over everything.
Also strongly implying that this calling is from something so Great that by heeding to it's calling you will have everything that you could want. GOD Jesus.

Know matter how your self hears this song there is a strong message to open your mind and see you are going to die on your current path or except my help,I have everything you need to fix your problems.
I love this song because it suggest Hope. If you just open yourself to it.

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