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Sky Holds The Moon cover Sky Holds The Moon by Carina Paul

Sky Holds The Moon is my song, I'm Carina, but the video you provided is not for Sky Holds The Moon lol its for a cover of Lemon Boy by Cavetown

Backseat Life cover Backseat Life by Synczxx

Backseat Life was a chill song I made explaining the life of being in the shadows, always feeling behind someone else.

Bluebird cover Bluebird by The Head and the Heart

“Its easy to break down the mud, all you gotta do is put in the time.”Means that when life turns to hell, sometimes we get stuck. & when you’re stuck you’re wasting time. Times gonna pass no matter what, putting in the time to sift through the emotions that are causing pain so you can feel peace is worth it, it sounds scary at first to do but once you start its easy. “If you wanna get to heaven dont waste time in hell” you can have heaven or hell. Its your choice. So dont waste your time feeling bad.

“We say this is heaven but i dont feel so well” when you’re stuck in a bad spot it could be because you’re comfortable. Comfortable is nice. It feels nice, but isn’t always good. Moving on from a comfortable spot to a more fulfilling one can change your state of being a lot. When you’re fulfilled with life you see how unhappy you were with comfort.

I Wish I Was the Moon cover I Wish I Was the Moon by Neko Case

this song represents a failed marriage and the regret with which it comes. "thought that i was young, now i've freezinig hands" when they married they were young and in love and without the other's hand to hold, they grow cold. || "i dremt i'd forgotten my name 'cause i sold my soul" some people change their last name when they get married, and vow to stay together under God. || "paralyzed and collared-tight" collar or leash as if the person was a dog or a pet. || " 'cause i'll be the one with my heart in my lap." regret of getting married, but heart is not their own. || tired of the regret they feel due to their decisions.

Angelus Meus in Caelis cover Angelus Meus in Caelis by Angelus Uxorem

"Angelus Meus in Caelis" is Latin for "My Angel in Heaven". The lyrics in the song are spoken by my late wife Sonia, and are taken from our Renewal of Vows ceremony in July 2017, just three months before she died in hospital from sepsis. They are from her vows to me. The song is in memory of her, and features a haunting flute melody singing to her in heaven.

Citrus Summer cover Citrus Summer by Loch

Letting go and having fun in the moment with friends but remembering that it can’t last forever and you have to move on.

Sex with a Ghost cover Sex with a Ghost by Teddy Hyde

This song is about Hyde's post traumatic experiences with his past abuser. It doesn't always have to be sex, but a situation, or "dance" the abuser put the victim through in order for them to remember this conflict. Read closely, "I'm having sex with a ghost, 'cause she knows I'm alone. She's a freak in the sheets, play it cool." This implies his abuser sends him through an post-traumatic rollercoaster without even being there. She's a ghost. The song also makes multiple references of him looking to drug abuse in order to cope with this experience. Every time he gets close to getting rid of her image (by shooting at her with a metaphorical rifle), it will never disappear. In conclusion, this song is about the post traumatic flashbacks that a victim has received from an abuser.

Light Year cover Light Year by Gregory Alan Isakov

To me this song is about loving someone, like really really loving someone to the fullest only for you to fall out of touch over time. Its about looking back and remembering, asking yourself what you did wrong and what you should have done differently. Wondering if maybe you made a mistake and if it weren't for you you would still be in their life. But in reality it wasn't any ones fault, people just fall out of synch sometimes, and its ok to feel sad about it.

Cosmic Love cover Cosmic Love by Florence And The Machine

Cosmic love, to me at least, is about someone who has been abused falling into, out of, and back into an abusive relationship with their abuser.

On the Edge cover On the Edge by Ásgeir

I see this song as the singer struggling to hold together a relationship with someone they've grown distant from and trying to salvage what they had in the past, but they're unsure of the other is willing to forgive and is trying to find something to appease them with: "Chasing an emerald to offer you" etc.

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