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1 week ago
This song means everything to me.
I remember listening to this with my best girlfriend and I told her how amazing it would be to experience a night like this song.
IT HAPPENED. One of the most unforgettable nights of my life.
I met someone through facebook and we decided to meet eachother that night. A Friday night right before the night of a new moon.
We sat high on top of rocks off trail together. We were strangers but somehow knew eachother.
And then we understood that by some incredible force of the universe, we were connected once before.
We looked at the ground way below us, we peered outward into the distance together, and we shared vulnerable moments with one another.
Still on the rock, he held me. And we looked into eachother's eyes. I was hesitant at first- but we kissed. It was so transitory under the moonlight.
I dropped him off at his house, drove the opposite direction to think a bit, and I asked the Universe for a sign through the radio, thinking about this person I just met.
It started with the words.."Friday night, holy ghost, take me to your level show me the one I need the most.."
I called him once I heard that because I was literally freaking out at how perfect the song fit. It WAS a Friday Night! WE were under the MOON! We were strangers!!!
He was pretty amazed at that.
Ever since then, I fall in love all over again when I hear this song. And I know he hums it every once in a while.
I had this night, with someone I barely knew, and this song was here to tell me who I need. And it was beautiful.

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