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Our favorite spooky season is just around the corner and we couldn’t be more excited! Yes, making a good costume is on top of our list of priorities now, but what’s a gloomy, spooky season without a good Halloween songs playlist? If you are thinking of throwing a Halloween party, have all your Halloween decorations, snacks, and movies ready, but have no idea what songs to play, we got you covered!

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Trying to Find Song Meanings?

If you've ever asked yourself, what's the meaning of that song? Lyreka has thousand of song meanings and explanations by our community of music lovers like yourself. We have millions of song lyrics for you to explore and share your lyric interpretations on.

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Missus Piano cover Missus Piano by Rio Romeo

Missus Piano is a song that represents one who misses their old partner despite them already moving on, still thinking fondly of their old partner

Just Wanna Rock cover Just Wanna Rock by Lil Uzi Vert

"Just Wanna Rock" by Lil Uzi Vert is a song about having a good time, celebrating life, and enjoying the present moment. The song encourages listeners to let go of worries and just rock out and enjoy life. Through its upbeat sound and carefree lyrics, the song is an anthem for living in the moment and having some fun.

All Of The Girls You Loved Before cover All Of The Girls You Loved Before by Taylor Swift

The meaning of this song is that although the narrator's current partner has had past relationships, she is ultimately thankful for these experiences as it has allowed him to be the person he is today and for them to appreciate each other even more. She loves him more because of all the experiences he has gone through, which has led him to her.

Reminder cover Reminder by The Weeknd

The Weeknd's song "Reminder" is a reflection of his musical journey and success, while also highlighting his confidence in himself and his ambition to make great art. The song celebrates the artist's ability to rise above his struggles and make something of himself, while also reminding his listeners that he will never forget where he came from. Ultimately, the song celebrates the power of hard work and determination to conquer any challenge.

The Crow & the Butterfly cover The Crow & the Butterfly by Shinedown

A close friend lost to a drug overdose I can’t really explain how I got that but it’s to do with the line ‘when you and I were getting high as outer space I never thought you’d slip away’

Running Out of Roses cover Running Out of Roses by Alan Walker ft. Jamie Miller

I think it is kinda like a person is all alone and he is like thinking about what happened last time and imagining himself racing in some place

Last Ditch cover Last Ditch by Amulet

This song is obviously a song about loosing someone and being left broken. So broken to the point where you think that it would be better off to see them in an afterlife. It seems to be orientated towards a deceased individual however it can also be applied to other situations like a break up. There is also a Remix version called, "Last Ditch-Stabbing Westward" which I personally prefer over the origional.

Hypercube Necrodimensions cover Hypercube Necrodimensions by Wizardthrone

This song is clearly describing a trip on dmt! When they describe the hypercube, just listen to a Joe Rogan podcast he will tell you that taking this stuff feels like going through a portal to another dimension, and strangest thing is the fractals, and 5 dimensional structures you perceive if you take a breakthrough dose. When he says reality crubles, well it sure does when you take this stuff. Evidence of taking dmt though ayahuasca use dates back at least 1,000 years,.

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