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Me And My Friends Are Lonely cover Me And My Friends Are Lonely by Matt Maeson

I'm not quite sure to be honest, my boyfriend shared this song with me before we started dating, and I cannot quite understand it. I've listened to it a thousand times, and it's like he's such a mystery to me. I believe it has to with hiding one's true self, him and his friends are lonely, maybe the people who had always been there for him. A girl broke his heart and tainted all his memories, and his soul. Then he begins about talking about the girl, looking back. And that he couldn't open up to her because he's never trusted anyone but his friends. I believe that's what the song is about, and hopefully I can figure out my boyfriends mind soon.

Jeepers Creepers cover Jeepers Creepers by Louis Armstrong

I think the meaning of this song is when women are soo caught up in someone they love you can see it through their soul which symbolizes their eyes being the soul.

Song Goes Off cover Song Goes Off by Trey Songz

SO basically, "song goes off" is a relationship. This two people seem to have been together for long and they separated. And one of the partners is trying to get back together. Show me how you feel before you decide to end it....the relationship

Good Woman cover Good Woman by La'Porsha Renae

Simple .... she is telling him he has messed up and he better fix it or loose her.

Vulgar Before Me cover Vulgar Before Me by Candlebox

A guy who cares about a person who has an addiction but there's nothing he can do to save him or her no matter how capable he is. Could be a situation with someone going through a divorce also. Just my thoughts.

Misplaced in Space cover Misplaced in Space by Thomas Tom Di Stefano

Totally digging the idea that if someone or something gets “lost” in outer-space, or just ‘Earth-space’, that it would be very very hard to find ... or as the song puts it in a love-lost theme, a longing to get it back scenario. Nice lyrical, wimisical passages.. and almost snarky and sardonic at times. Humorous too ! Highly recommend a few good listens through !

I Will Be There cover I Will Be There by Katie Melua

Mike Batt wrote it. I believe that ahe is singing to her mother

Mother cover Mother by John Lennon

he wants his mommy back and musy find her to cpmplete his life

How Wonderful to Know cover How Wonderful to Know by Andy Williams

one of the first albums i bought as a young boy this song was just wonderful

Almost There cover Almost There by Andy Williams

one of my favorites going back more than 50 years

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