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Love Me Or Leave Me cover Love Me Or Leave Me by Little Mix

To always love someone you really love the most and never leave them behind or leave them all alone in the darkness.

Aqxafina cover Aqxafina by Pxma

On this freestyle, pxma (puma) talks about his rap flow been pure , fresh and clean like the water bottled product. Also talks about his struggle with drugs and depression

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Heroes Tonight cover Heroes Tonight by Janji, Johnning

I think the meaning of this Song is that the Hero is walking alone in the streets and are also empty that means like that the people already evacuating to a safer place because there's a villain the only thing he can see is himself he is also getting stronger every time the clock is running and tickling fast so there's no time to waste he is flying all around the world to protect our Soul that means the song can be a reference to Superman. Superman is dying because of us just like Jesus he died for our Sins or Sinful Acts. The Guy or the Hero is going to Explode and he wants us to listen and hear and don't want to be Afraid so that we can all be "Unite as One." He also said that we are already a Hero in ourselves so that we can fly above the Sky because we are heroes tonight.

Run cover Run by COIN

OK so I will start by saying who ever posted these lyrics got them completely wrong.

Anyone know what's the meaning of 'Hot Rod Hearts', a famous song by Robbie Dupree and also by John Fogarty.

Take Me to the Top cover Take Me to the Top by Mötley Crüe

The song really isnt as deep as some people think. When the guys needed to blow off some steam back in their club days (and earlier than that in Tommy and vinces case), they used to go up a mountain road called GMR, or Glendora Mountain Road, and party a little. It was also known as the hieghts. Having went to high school with Tommy's sister Athena, i remember her talking about this back in 82 when she brought a demo cassette for us to listen to. Wish i had that cassette now!

A Lifetime cover A Lifetime by Ziggy Marley

He's having a conversation with Jesus. Certain phrases clue the listener in, like: "Like the lamb I will sacrifice to find you"

She Said cover She Said by Collective Soul

I think she has come to the end of her life and as she thinks back she is ready to end it and wants God to forgive her for what’s she about to do.

Arms Tonite cover Arms Tonite by Mother Mother

Personally, I see this as two people talking. The two were madly in love, but one committed suicide. The song changes POVs frequently and both heavily talk about death. One being metaphorical but the other being literal. When it mentions "afterlife" it is not talking about ghosts and spirits, but rather life after death; the life that others lead after the death of a person. In the first verse + first chorus it is the person who committed suicide talking to the other from beyond, rejoicing over how they succeeded. In the second verse + second chorus it is the living person mourning the death of their loved one, and feeling very suicidal themself, even attempting suicide a few times (e.g. "I try to escape the afterlife"). In the bridge, the mood changes, and the deceased person sees how distraught the other is over their death. During the third chorus, there are two things going on. The living person is trying to commit suicide again, and this time is about to succeed. (cont'd below)

(explanation cont'd) The other person sees this and is doing everything in their power to stop it, even trying to come back to life to stop them. The living person succeeds and the last chorus is them seeing each other in the afterlife. There is both happiness and sadness in this chorus, as they are happy to see each other again, but the first one that died is sort of asking the other, "How could you do this?"

Everybody cover Everybody by The Jackson 5 ft. The Jacksons

It's about Michael Jackson leaving the Jackson's behind to pursue his continuing very successful career.

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