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Silver Bells cover Silver Bells by Dean Martin

Like most Christmas songs, this song is also describing all the fun activities and things we do on Christmas time. The song is talking about how the atmosphere and the air totally changes around Christmas time. The song focuses on the silver bells that can be heard ringing in the city areas. This is one of the biggest indications that Christmas is coming very soon. The lights, particularly red and green lights, are set up everywhere. People rush in and out of stores to finish their Christmas shopping.


This song is quite interesting because it keeps us thinking who the culprit is and who the victim is. The singer says that his girlfriend is accusing him of cheating and being unfaithful. But the singer only says "I thought I was faithful". This can be taken in two ways. The first meaning that can be interpreted from this is that he was actually faithful and honest. The other meaning is that he believed that his actions were honest, but maybe he was only fooling himself.

Angels Like You cover Angels Like You by Miley Cyrus

There are many references in this song that prove that this song by Miley is about her ex girlfriend Kaitlynn Carter. The two started dating almost a year after Miley's split with her husband Liam Hemsworth. And I'm not the only one. Many tweets like this one: show that people are interpreting the meaning behind these lyrics as a reference to the romantic relationship between Miley and Kaitlynn.

Holly Jolly Christmas cover Holly Jolly Christmas by Michael Bublé

Christmas is not complete without all these jolly and fun Christmas songs. This song really helps get you in the Christmas spirit. The lyric "It's the best time of the year" is very true for most people. Christmas really brings out the best in all of us. The decorations, the lights, the presents, everything is really beautiful and heart warming. We get to meet our friends, family, loved ones. W get to eat amazing food, and just have a great time in general. It truly is a holly jolly Christmas.

Third Rail cover Third Rail by Squeeze

I haven't been able to find any interpretation of the lyrics to this song. My take is that it's someone who feels his long term relationship (or marriage) has become stale and he wants to open things up, by introducing a new lover or making the relationship an open one.

The Lighthouse Keeper cover The Lighthouse Keeper by Sam Smith

In this song, Sam Smith is basically showing his lover that he will be there no matter what. He is depicting the world as an ocean where there is no sign or beacon of hope. But Sam is saying that he will be the guiding light for his lover. He will be there through thick and thin. His lover will never feel afraid or alone in this scary world. This is because Sam will be his "Lighthouse keeper". He will be there to keep his lover safe at all times.

Back To You cover Back To You by O.T. Genasis ft. Chris Brown, Charlie Wilson

This song is the perfect description of the fact that money can't buy you everything, especially love. The singer is saying that he got his girlfriend all the things in the world. He got her Chanel clutches, Gucci shoes, and other expensive high end things. The intention behind this was to "bribe" her in order to make her fall in love with him. But the truth of the matter is that money cannot but you love. It can temporarily get someone to stay with you for a little while, but as soon as someone else offers them more money, they'll leave immediately.

Man's World cover Man's World by MARINA

The singer of this song is highlighting a very important issue in this song. She is talking about the oppression women have to face in this world, which she is referring to as a "Man's world". She is saying that men believe that they have control over everything. They try to oppress the women thinking they are weak. The are basically defying mother nature like this. She is saying that this type of world is not acceptable to her. She wants a world where men and women are considered equal.

Hey Boy cover Hey Boy by Sia

If you are someone who is tired of being single, but too scared of commitment and relationships, then this song is definitely for you. Sia is basically just saying that she does not want to be single, but only for a songle night. Do you know what else this is called? *coughs* one night stand *coughs*. That is pretty much the theme of this song. Sia is basically saying that she does not need a permanent or long term commitment. She just wants to have some fun. And one night is more than enough for her.

First Time cover First Time by Daya

There is always something special about the first time you do something, regardless of whatever it is. No matter how many times you do that thing afterwards, the feeling you get when you do it for the first time is not easily replicated. Love can be an exception to this sometimes, if it remains strong forever. Daya is saying that her time spent with her lover is extremely special and precious to her. Every second she spends with her lover is like the first time she met them, meaning it is just as precious.

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