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Mfs be looking like this and talk about sipping lean

a thought on WRAITH image from Sic_Lundus

Nesesari cover Nesesari by Kizz Daniel, Philkeyz

I love this song. Very meaningful. Helps me study psychology. My best friend loves it! FINE LAYDAYYY YOUR BODY IS A METAPHOR. Lots of love <3

Nkuwe cover Nkuwe by Nevo Aix ft. A alvin Legace

Nkuwe is a Song written by Mafaabi Pius and Serrujja Alvin Joseph telling a woman to come closer so that they give her whatever she needs or anything she asks for. In the song alot of feelings are expressed by the artists through the lyrics. To make much sense of this, listen to the song on any of your streaming platforms.

Mystery Lady cover Mystery Lady by Masego, Don Toliver

[This is only my take on the song, this is not the official meaning of the song stated by the artist] I believe that this is where Masego thinks of the woman of his dreams. In this life, he expresses his loneliness even though he writes love songs. The very thought of this dream woman (that he does not know of in real life) keeps him being able to continuously make these romantic songs about her as her impact is large on him.

RIP Pausenverkauf cover RIP Pausenverkauf by Werner Franz

This song is a sad tribute to the unfortunate closing of the janitor Johann Werner's sales stand in the assembly hall of Gymnasium Zwiesel.

Broken cover Broken by Eric Jon Veri & Andy Patalan & Jason Hartless

This is a bad ass song. I think he’s singing about a girl he really misses but knows they were toxic. But he’s hurt all the same and like nothing compares to her

30 clip cover 30 clip by Young 10s

If u have to use your gun then do it

Agbagyi Nya (Gbagyi Dance) cover Agbagyi Nya (Gbagyi Dance) by Mtv Shawo

Agbagyi nya meaning Gbagyi dance is a song that showcases the beautiful cultural dance Steps of the Gbagyi people from the central part of Africa, Nigeria 🇳🇬. Mtv Shawo Is an endogenous Rapper Singer/Songwriter from Dutse Alhaji, Bwari FCT Abuja.

DM Flow cover DM Flow by 4000 Duke & 4000 Mj

Talks about sliding on the opposition (Opps) it also talks about dissing dead people, scamming, killing and more crimes

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