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No one can accurately know what an artist meant when he/she wrote the lyrics to any song, and decades later, what their understanding might be of the subject they wrote about. Stevens, who I saw in his first concert in 1970 in Princeton, N.J.,, as far as I know, has always been a seriously spiritual cat. Some of his songs express this burning yearning for Truth. In this song, he is definitely telling us that he's on his way, traveling 'not so far from here', which means he realizes that the journey is actually not somewhere else, but to the present, the here and now. He also realizes that he's not just a separate being, but has the revelation of nonduality... that 'everybody's here with me'. He has the typical doubt that he's actually awake from the trance he's been in for most of his life...of believing his thoughts, ideas, opinions, and judgements. He realizes that there are people in his life who aren't truly his friends, that aren't supportive of his awakening... 'bleeding half my soul in bad company'. He also realizes that trying to please others is not his true purpose in Life, but rather to embody and serve the Truth... 'the only thing that's left of me'. He also realizes that as hard as he might push on the 'door', it won't open...that his own efforts and control are not going to work, 'because you're going to wind up where you started from'. That is, you're gonna realize that it's about letting go, surrendering, and being who you are, instead of who you think you are. It's a beautiful expression of a sincere human being who wants Truth in his life more than fame, stature, riches, and the fulfillment of his desires...a rare realization among most celebrities.
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1 month ago
1 month ago
I'm going to explain this song in my perpetive of the song it could be varied as I link it to my past experiences also.Im going to explain it line my line.

Two people will of course have experiences im the past where a previous lover have broken their heart or hurt them.Shes now met a new person that's has a broken heart and she's say how "broken hearts are made for two" they can now be united and make one whole heart which is new and working again.She says she should even really be trying to get to know someone new or get anybody to love her again because she might mess up everything.Even though she knows she's hurt about other things and know she shouldn't be trying to love someone else she's going to do it anyways and is going to make this her favourite mistake.Shes crazy and hard to handle so if he decides to stay with her it's on him but she's warning him about it."Your so brave stone cold crazy for loving me" She's saying like wow all the downfalls about me you still want to get to know she's surprised as nobody really wants to really love her.Jhenè then mentions how if her lover wants to mess about and just use her then he should just leave and now even continue anything as she's had "scars on her heart" as in she's been hurt by previous lovers and she feels like there's no hope left but if he's ready to commit than it's fine by her because she'll be ready to love him.She then repeats the your so brave.The last line "I hope yu make it out alive" she knows she's hard to deal with and has all these trust issues because of what had happened to her but because he said he was willing to go through the battle of her she wishes him the best luck.

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