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Run From Me cover Run From Me by Timber Timbre

Creepiest song i have ever heard. He wants to kill his wife. I cant think of any other meaning that describes "run for your life". The first time i heard this song was in a movie where a woman was raped and left for dead. This song has actually given me nightmares. This is literally the worst song i have ever heard in my life.

Helena cover Helena by My Chemical Romance

This sound like a woman who burns relationships and is in denial about it, and becomes sad when each of the relationships end.

Rebel Love Song cover Rebel Love Song by Black Veil Brides

This song is a love song about two lovers, the lyrics suggest, are held apart and told they can't be together. This song states the mark of a new reality, where they can be together. "Wild and running, for one reason, they can't stop us from our freedom!" This suggests that the two are rebels and are driven by, you guessed it, their freedom. It's a statement, declaring they won't be told they can't be together again.

Dollhouse cover Dollhouse by Melanie Martinez

In this song, I feel the meaning is very clear, but I will clarify anyway. This song is about a girl that's part of a 'perfect family.' This song takes her perspective and exposes what goes on 'behind the curtains'. It states things about infidelity, drug use, and alcohol consumption. The underline message is that nothing is as it seems. It illustrates that the public version of them and what everyone sees isn't the same otherwise. It expresses that not even the most 'perfect families' have darkness to hide.

The Way of the Fist cover The Way of the Fist by Five Finger Death Punch

So, I think the surface meaning of this song is that there was a guy who had a problem with another. Let us say X started the problem and Y is the other. X poked an issue that offended Y. It appears x put forth the effort to create a fight, despite warnings from Y. So when Y is provoked, a 'war' starts. And like Y warned, X gets the shit kicked out of them. Y showed no mercy. X seems to have won a 'battle' within this 'war'. Y wants X to know that it didn't phase him and that he will win either way. But deeper meaning suggests that Y is a person that is in a conflict with some variable (Such as early abuse or drug addiction) represented by X.

Que Pasará Mañana cover Que Pasará Mañana by José Luis Perales

Not sure what the song means, but it sounds like a girls is asking him what will happen tomorrow when he leaves who will she tell that she knows now hr is far away. Then he replies to her " i will tell you in a trembling voice that time will hurry and that day we await will arrive turn off the lights before night leaves us"It could be interpreted as lovers or as a child parent coversation.

Black Eyes cover Black Eyes by Bradley Cooper

I see it as a possession and the subject is no longer in control. Meanwhile, friends and family are waiting for the possessed to reclaim their self. It's just how I see it. Everyone is different and has their own assumptions.

Scar on the Sky cover Scar on the Sky by Chris Cornell

the story of a post mortum being who had no interest in the boundless joy and freedom from the confines of the living world without the kindred company of his soul mate who, still living, was stranded like a painted bird on a fan until she answered his message and they escaped the birth-life-death cycle remaing in their own eternally nighttime existence.

Read My Mind cover Read My Mind by The Killers

It isn't just about leaving a small town as it is about leaving that town for Las Vegas. I see this song as an inner monologue the protagonist is having with both his subconscious and with Las Vegas as a dangerous but very compelling seductress that is calling to him. The protagonist shares his hopes, dreams and fears and then Vegas provides encouraging answer but also states cryptically "Can yo read my mind"? as a way of saying there are some things he needs to figure out that she isn't going to tell him.

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