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Hatef--k cover Hatef--k by The Bravery

It's a song about fantasies you have about someone you hate, that also hates you. I will show no mercy for you, you had no mercy for me. It's a shared hatred, that's why it's called hate fuck

Tattered & Torn cover Tattered & Torn by Slipknot

This song is about a suicidal mate finding his strength to get rid of a strong negative pain. In the first version, he is in at the rock bottom without any hope , no matter how hard he tries to find a window, or a way out, he can't. The second version is about the description of this emotionally negative thought and its intensity. The third version is about the suicide act attempt... "Driven to the verge of..." then this sentence is suddenly interrupted by somebody else that came up in his mind, the person who driven him to feel all this emotional suffering. Then, from here to the end of the song is about overcome this suicidal condition. In the fourth version is about the acceptance of the pain as a weapon and strength and use it against this emotional enemy. He realizes he needs to be strong, the pain makes him stronger even if somebody open his wrists. The final verse is about the recovery, getting rid of all kind of suffering as if he is tearing all shitty parts apart from him.

Life Goes On cover Life Goes On by Poison

To me this song is very pertinent in a lot of respects at this very moment. It is a guy singing about someone that he's very much in love with that has moved on. Where he has not. Remembering where she sat not all that long ago, but tonight it's a lonely ride instead. It then turns darker and he's imagining her going on with her life while he's stuck in the past, all by himself. Every time he goes through this scenario it rips out another part of him so in essence she's taking a piece of him each time he goes through it in his mind again. The MOST emphatic line in the whole song is after the last, "and I need you". " And this last mile I travel with you", because he can't take it any longer. All his pieces are gone so he's imagining her beside him as can't stand the anguish, and ends it all, with her by his side in his mind at least.

It Wasnt Me cover It Wasnt Me by Shaggy

I found this interesting film created by Vice which takes us back in time and explains the meaning of this hit song "It wasn't me". The video also tells the story behind how the song was composed then shelved, but luckily got released after a series of lucky coincidences.

Dun Ringill cover Dun Ringill by Jethro Tull

Two people are deciding whether to meet in the early morning hours at an old Scottish fortress from centuries ago to watch as a North Sea storm comes over the horizon. One is urging the other to join him. The initial references to cheating at cards is basically saying "Fuck it. Let's take a chance and do it." Watching the old gods play is a reference to the thunder, lightening, and heavy seas the storm will bring. He is urging his friend "C'mon, don't chicken out on me." The stone circles are the remnants of the fortress and the lines joining in faint discord is what the sky will begin to look like as the storm nears. This interpretation is also suggested by the mock weather report at the beginning that states some of the lines in the song.

Stop The Clocks cover Stop The Clocks by L.A.

Every time I listen to it I understand it says "you CAN stop the clocks". So for me, I believe this song is about being with someone who absentmindedly stops the time for both of you. Someone with whom you are so at ease with time stops, no problems bother you, there is no sadness to feel, only each other's presence and love. You get lost in time with this person, and everything just feels so right, and magical, and true. And you both don't realize it at the moment, but now that you look back, now that time has gone by, you can tell that when you where together time certainly stopped, for you and her.

Hearing Damage cover Hearing Damage by Thom Yorke

The song meaning may be something completely different but from someone who suffers from schizophrenia ,i feel it is about just that.

Until Then... cover Until Then... by Sully Erna

From an interview with Sully Erna ... Lyrically it became a tribute to the U.S. Armed Forces. For the longest time Godsmack has been supportive of the troops and paid our respects to the people that fight for this country and allow us the freedom that we have. I thought it was important for me to give back and acknowledge what they do at work every day and how hard it must be to leave their families and friends not knowing if they’ll be coming back.

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