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Standing By cover Standing By by Pentatonix

this could easily be the song of the devil, when he'll rally all his angels and human minions for the armageddon. Stars he's counting could be the fallen angels. His time is cold because he's in a cell where he was caged by the Archangel Michael for a thousand years. After he's set free after the millenium, he's going to travel land and sea to rally his troops, and unite for the battle of armageddon. there'll be so many "oh"s for them though, coz they'll lose. After that they'll be standing by for the fires and brimstone of hell.

Can't Help It cover Can't Help It by Loz Rabone

Its about the preoccupation of running out of time before you can do all the things you want to. The song reflects on how life gets in the way of our dreams

Sundown cover Sundown by Loz Rabone

A reflection on the fact that the universe is indifferent to our endeavours, our needs and the significance that we attribute certain things

Some People cover Some People by Loz Rabone

It's about the feeling of not being able to relate with the people around you and the importance of finding your own way

Celebrity Jones cover Celebrity Jones by Loz Rabone

Written about some people's unfathomable desire for fame for its own sake and at any cost

Ode To Jim cover Ode To Jim by Loz Rabone

Written as an epitaph to my brother Jim Rabone who passed away in September 2016 unexpectedly

On The Money cover On The Money by Loz Rabone

The song is about how we often end up feeling frustrated and trapped in the pursuit of trying to earn money to make a living

Dear Dad cover Dear Dad by Loz Rabone

At 15 years old, my dad, George Rabone, lied about his age in order sign up and serve his country in World War 2. He was a sonar operator on HMS Starling, facing the daily threat of being torpedoed by German U-boats. It was something that dad never spoke of. I always found it difficult to imagine how he must have felt during that time. He passed away in 1993. The song is really just a letter to him telling him how proud I am of him

Black Mercedes cover Black Mercedes by Loz Rabone

The Black Mercedes of the title was the car that took us to my brother's funeral. The song is about what I was experiencing that day

Any Given Day cover Any Given Day by Loz Rabone

A reflection on the fact that people have been going through the same conflicts with each other for as long as we have been around. Variations on the same themes are playing out on any given day somewhere and always will

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