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Heaven cover Heaven by Depeche Mode

The moment i first heard this song, it became an absolute favorite. Dave is A-maze-zing!!! I think Martin wrote this reflecting on the bands maturity and spirituality as well as his friends being clean; dave sings so soulfully on it extra bc of his sobriety and knowing the words and this place are real and he knows where he is going in life. I imagine extra thank you due to 20 years of Dave taking better care. Congrats! thank you God for These guys. Definitely top 5 desert island band

Zero the End cover Zero the End by George Lynch, Lynch/Pilson

I would like to know what people thinks this song is about. Thanks.

Pack Up the Louie cover Pack Up the Louie by Caro Emerald

Some of the lyrics, particularly in the first verse, invoke the sense that it is a song about the great journey of death. It is interesting to consider the rest of the lyrics and consider the experience of the narrator in this light.

Set Me Free cover Set Me Free by Charli XCX

I think its a song about getting lost in love and the fear that comes with it. Literally losing yourself in this love you have found you cant see the ground. You are saying, "oh sh*@ I am not even on the ground, I am MFing sailing. How the heck did I get here, I am lost" love drunk. You barely recognize yourself. So muh so it doesnt feel healthy so maybe you should just cut sling load before gettin even more hurt, but damn this hurts so good.

Change cover Change by Tracy Chapman

I think the song is basically about how change can both be imperative and difficult at the same time. The different questions/scenarios the song paints require you to look deep into yourself and ask yourself what would make you make a paradigm shift. We're all different and different things appeal to us differently, so what is it that would make you start to look at things DIFFERENTLY??

Supersonic cover Supersonic by J.J. Fad

The line "We know you like us girls so you better get stirl / 'Cause we are the homechicks that are rockin' your world" is telling the boys that are interested in them to get a vasectomy so they can "rock their world" without fear of pregnancy. "Stirl" is a mispronunciation of the word "sterile," which was changed to make it rhyme.

It's Only cover It's Only by ODESZA ft. Zyra

The "Its only love" could mean the person shes murdering (youre only crying, dying, red, dead) she loved, but they didn't take it seriously, so while shes murdering him/her, shes thinking (only thoughts im having; thoughts safe within my head) if its only love to you, then you dying doesn't matter, either

It's Not the Spotlight cover It's Not the Spotlight by Beth Orton

Leaving a lover, only to realize much later, that their love was true, despite the way you felt at the time.

Dont' Be Cruel cover Dont' Be Cruel by Elvis Presley, Bruce Springsteen

Some guy sent me this. What is he trying to say to me? I know I’m naive

Between the Bars cover Between the Bars by Elliott Smith

Elliot once explained in an interview that this song was actually written about his struggles being an alcoholic and feeling as if he was imprisoned “between the bars” of his addiction. It was written almost from the perspective of the bottle, enticing him to drink. Lines such as “people you’ve been before that you don’t want around anymore, that push and shove and won’t bend to your will... I’ll keep them still” refer to his change in character when he was intoxicated. However i also believe this could also work as th

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