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Martini cover Martini by Miang

It means I love drinking martinis and I’m rich af

Everything cover Everything by Lauren O'Leary Christner

I'm the writer and performer of this song. I wrote this as a wedding anniversary gift for my husband. I always tell him that he is "my world and my Everything". The moment I saw his face I was captivated by him. The eyes are truly the window of the soul and his eyes spoke so many things and reflected who he was. God miraculously put us together. The 3 Fold Cord speaks of Marriage in the Bible in Ecclesiates 4:12. The 3 Fold Cord is not easily broken. This cord is God, My Husband and me. Every single day with him is a joy. I truly never knew what real happiness was until him.

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Footprints cover Footprints by Molly Kate Kestner

It means that she is making the way for her new sibling, that way they know where they can go and what they can do as they get older. She is leaving a trail behind her for her sibling to walk on so that they don't get lost. She loves her sibling and wants the best for them.

Santa Tell Me cover Santa Tell Me by Ariana Grande

Alan you are so wrong. I’ve listened to this song over and over again. The song doesn’t even have anything to do with her heartbreak, it’s about ligma sack and who’s Candice sussy imposter balls. Shrek is done here.

You right bruh

Lifter cover Lifter by Deftones

Really, I had no idea the lyrics meant that. Shit I was pretty retarded

Lifter cover Lifter by Deftones

The lyrics mean ligma faggot ballsack sussy Baka imposter balls

That's her cover That's her by Georgiou Music

I feel like this song is about a girl that is struggling mentally and hides how she really feels but always goes out her way to help others if they are struggling

True cover True by Adam Bloom

Just a song about a guy dating a girl who has difficulty expressing her true feelings. Not very deep, but kind of cool in a straight-forward honest way

Gilded Lily cover Gilded Lily by Cults

Cults described it as ,,finding hope in a hopeless situation" , and the lycris that really speak to me ,,But i know you'll take me with you" this could indicate a person helping other person out from the dark night and pulling them into the light :)♥

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