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Black Wings cover Black Wings by Tom Waits

You don’t need to go much further than the song title. What has black wings and is in human form? A dark angel interacting with mortals, doing the kind of things that “normal” angels don’t do. Certainly supernatural, not all bad, but doing the dirty work that some have coming. However, confused by “Others admire him because he steals his promise”…. Deep dive into the Old Testament required? Great imagery top to bottom!

Southern Soul Party cover Southern Soul Party by Mr JayySmooth

Southern Soul Blues Party!Just having a good old time at a club or backyard party

A Mans Love cover A Mans Love by Mr JayySmooth

The reality of whata man will do and go through when he really loves a woman

This Ain't Over Yet cover This Ain't Over Yet by Sweeney Toad

Considering that my name is Michael Sweeney and my friend Richie use to call me Sweeney Toad in High School.... I really REALLY reeeeaaaaalllllly dont know what to make of this song...

Slow Fade cover Slow Fade by Ruth B.

"Crazy how it was me and you From the start of the sun and moon, Held each other through it, We were young and foolish, Now we're dancing like we're done, We found the end of the moon and sun,Was it always like this? 'Cause now it's always like this" The sun and moon refers to knowing the partner for a long time, and by the end they have found the end of the sun and moon(the break up). The narrator thinks back on there relationship and how it used to be. Overall this song does an amazing job of going through all motions of a breakup.

Slow Fade cover Slow Fade by Ruth B.

The first verse describes her thoughts as she is stuck on this sad and heartbreaking feeling of realizing things aren't working out n a relationship. "The light has disappeared, The dust has settled here, but i still want you near" refers to the happiness in their relationship in a metaphorical way of saying that their relationship is not being tended to anymore(dust collecting), yet she still isn't able to let go. "So I've been waiting for that slow fade, Kinda hoping that you won't stay, There's no color in us lately ,And it's too hard to say I've been praying that we'll lose our love in slow fade" this verse explains the narrators idea of wanting the relationship to end, just not in a harsh chaotic way, but in a slow fade. She realizes its not worth her time and energy.

Whatever It Takes cover Whatever It Takes by Lifehouse

The narrator has messed up and causes them to almost break up, but he realizes his mistakes and pleas that the partner work with him and let him change, but not break up. There is a conversation going on between the narrator and the other person that tells a really good story throughout the song.

Right Now cover Right Now by HAIM

This song demonstrates a person who has recently gotten out of a relationship and realizes just how bad the relationship was. Once they have come to that realization, the ex wants back into the relationship, and expects that everything will go back to normal, but now the narrator has found their worth and wont let that happen.

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