Mooski Track Star
Mooski Track Star

Thanks to the power of social media, your whole life could change in a matter of hours.  We’ve seen people become worldwide sensations overnight, and we’re lucky enough to witness a birth of a new one. Sometimes, all it takes is a bit of luck and a smashing song. The brand new viral sensation, Mooski, showed us how it’s done with his new global hit called Track Star.

Coming from Opp, Alabama, Mooski is your new viral sensation. The rapper is making his way up the charts with his brand new global hit called Track Star. The song has become a hit across the social media platforms with over 900 million views on TikTok and over 31 million streams on Spotify.

Track Star is all over social media, and the associated TikTok challenge has been really hard to miss lately. If you had She’s a runner, she’s a track star stuck in your head for days – you’re not the only one. We’ve had the line repeating in our heads for quite some time now and it is only fitting to see what this song is all about. If you are interested in finding out, keep on reading!

The Track Star Music Video

On April 7th, 2021, Mooski released the official music video for his global hit Track Star. The music video now counts over 10 million views in only 3 weeks. It features Nija Charles, an American three-time Grammy-winning songwriter and producer, and the rising star, singer Coi Leray, both of who have no singing roles in this project.

In the music video, Coi Leray plays the rapper’s on-and-off girlfriend. The video shows them meeting at a party and they immediately hit it off, but shortly after Mooski realizes that she has a habit of running away. She is not a girl who is ready to commit to a steady relationship, so he finds a new lover played by Nija Charles. Once Leray’s character sees the two of them, she decides to run away again, further proving everything that Mooski raps about in Track Star.

The song’s success is even more fascinating considering the fact that the rapper wrote the global hit while playing the instrumental in his car. Mooski served in the Marine Corps for four years and, after reaching the rank of sergeant, he decided to follow his love for music. He showed his fans and everyone who listens to his story that we all have a chance of succeeding. Him sitting in his car listening to the instrumental of his song led him to becoming a new worldwide sensation and, one day, that could be you, too.

She Leaves When Times are Rough

In his viral hit, Track Star, Mooski compares his lover to a track runner because she never seems to stop running away from him when things get hard. At the beginning of the chorus, he says:

She’s a runner, she’s a track star
She gon’ run away when it gets hard
She can’t take the pain, she can’t get scarred
She hurt anyone that gets involvеd
Don’t wanna commit, why take it this far

His lover is there only for the pretty sides of the relationship. Once the problem arises, her only way to deal with the issue at hand is to run away from it. Judging by this line, it seems as if she is doing everything she can not to end up hurt. In the process of saving herself and her own feelings, she ends up hurting everyone else involved, but it doesn’t seem to faze her. Mooski’s lover can’t commit to a serious relationship and it seems as if the only thing she’s in love with is her freedom.

Leave a trail of heartbreak and heartache like its cool (Ooh)
I guess way too late is convenient for you (Ooh)
The dirt you left don’t turn into dust, it don’t move (Ooh)
It’s here waiting for you

This girl doesn’t care about hurting other people and the rapper is definitely not the first one who got hurt by her actions. The dirt you left don’t turn into dust is a beautifully written line in which Mooski uses images of dirt and dust as a metaphor for the problems she’s running away from. He’s telling her that all her problems will still be waiting for her where she left them and that they won’t turn into dust that wind could simply blow away.

Giving His All to a Track Star

Put you first, showed you your worth
Gave you whatever you desire, gave you whatever you desire

Although this is an upbeat song that makes people want to dance, the lyrics show how this girl’s actions deeply hurt the rapper. She was someone he cared for and he truly believed he could give his all for this relationship. She proved him wrong, however, leaving him hurt and regretting falling so deeply for someone who doesn’t care.

Heart broken into pieces put tape on it
Fragile made out of glass, close the drapes on it
Trust issues so deep playing safe on it
Will I ever love again or will I stay lonely?

These four lines perfectly depict how much this girl’s actions hurt Mooski. She broke his heart so many times and he is unsure if he will ever be able to love again. Everything she has done gave the rapper trust issues that won’t allow him to give himself to another person again. He wonders if he will ever be able to trust and love again, or are his trust issues so deep that he won’t allow himself to open up to another person again.

Track Star perfectly depicts how someone else’s actions can impact us and the way we see love. It teaches us that there are people who won’t care about anything but their own feelings, no matter how much love and attention you give them. Mooski created a song personal to a huge part of his audience while talking about his own experience, making it a universal song and a huge worldwide hit.