Harry Styles Wants You to Treat People with Kindness in 2021
by Jan 3, 2021

Harry Styles just keeps on giving! It’s only been two months since the singer released the music video for his last single Golden when he decided to surprise the world with another single from his last studio album Fine Line. With Styles’ new music video that simply rockets our serotonin... Read More

This Is Why Rap Lyrics Are Called Bars: All You Need To Know
by Dec 19, 2020

Common Scenarios If you have been to a hip-hop website or a hip-hop social media page, you have probably read a sentence (or two) or seen a comment to some rap lyrics which states: “Bars!” Jay-Z drops a hot new verse… “Bars!” Eminem drops an amazing new album… “Bars for... Read More

The History of Heavy Metal Music
by Dec 15, 2020

Heavy metal music originated from the heavier rock and roll bands of the late 1960s, including Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, and Budgie in the U.K. and Steppenwolf and Blue Cheer in the United States. In particular, Deep Purple combined an appreciation for classical music (mainly through Deep Purple’s guitarist Ritchie... Read More

The 10 Greatest Moments in Hip Hop History
by Dec 11, 2020

In the 1970s, Hip Hop started as an underground movement in Bronx, New York, which was predominantly an African American part of the city. Back then, it was simply a way to capture and express the frustrations and bitterness of living in an economically depressed South Bronx. Luckily for all... Read More

The 8 Worst Record Label Deals in Music History
by Dec 1, 2020

Record labels and recording artists are supposed to work together to make money. But in some instances, bad deals rob the artists of millions of dollars. The relationship between a recording artist and a record label is supposed to be symbiotic. An artist creates music for the label, the label... Read More