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My name is Berina and I am a 22 years old English Language and Literature major from Bosnia and Herzegovina. I am a content writer with a passion for cultural and social studies, and I love keeping up with popular culture. I'm a literature enthusiast, so when I'm not working you can usually find me reading, writing, or exploring all other imaginable forms of art, especially music.

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The Story Behind Save Your Tears by The Weeknd
by Feb 10, 2021

The Weeknd’s album After Hours came out in March 2020 and it instantly became a worldwide hit. Almost a year later, the singer released a new music video for Save Your Tears and it certainly raised a lot of questions among his fans. From the meaning behind the lyrics of... Read More

Harry Styles Wants You to Treat People with Kindness in 2021
by Jan 3, 2021

Harry Styles just keeps on giving! It’s only been two months since the singer released the music video for his last single Golden when he decided to surprise the world with another single from his last studio album Fine Line. With Styles’ new music video that simply rockets our serotonin... Read More

The 10 Greatest Moments in Hip Hop History
by Dec 11, 2020

In the 1970s, Hip Hop started as an underground movement in Bronx, New York, which was predominantly an African American part of the city. Back then, it was simply a way to capture and express the frustrations and bitterness of living in an economically depressed South Bronx. Luckily for all... Read More

The Sad Truth Behind Justin Bieber’s Lonely Meaning
by Nov 11, 2020

Justin Bieber has teamed up with Benny Blanco and Finneas for his new single Lonely. We’ve seen Bieber grow up right in front of our eyes and deal with everything that fame has to offer, good and bad, from an early age. In “Lonely”, Justin shares with us just how... Read More

The ‘Cry About It Later’ Meaning and What You Don’t Know About the Song
by Nov 2, 2020

Katy Perry’s new album Smile is here and with it a bunch of musical gems. One of them is the upbeat single Cry About It Later, followed by a magical and witchy animated music video. Is Katy Perry the new Sabrina the Witch? Okay, maybe not, but we are here... Read More

Harry Styles Finds Hope in His New Single ‘Golden’
by Oct 29, 2020

Doesn’t Harry Styles running free, singing of hope, and dancing through the streets of Italy sound like a dream? The singer decided to give us exactly that in the cheerful new music video for another single called Golden. With three singles this year, it seems as if Harry Styles took... Read More