Music Education

The History of Heavy Metal Music
by Dec 15, 2020

Heavy metal music originated from the heavier rock and roll bands of the late 1960s, including Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, and Budgie in the U.K. and Steppenwolf and Blue Cheer in the United States. In particular, Deep Purple combined an appreciation for classical music (mainly through Deep Purple’s guitarist Ritchie... Read More

A Powerful History of Jazz and Blues Musical Evolution
by Nov 25, 2020

Introduction The Jazz and Blues are arguably two of the most powerful forms of American Black music, both stemming from roots in African vocal traditions and Sothern gospel practice. We will discuss the history of Jazz and Blues music and its evolution thought out time. The Blues can be seen... Read More

The History of Reggae Music: A Global Voice of Liberation
by Nov 16, 2020

Reggae practice is more than just music. It is dance, it is physical engagement, it is culture, it is struggling, and it is a celebration. The sounds of Reggae are perhaps Jamaica’s most well-known and ubiquitous cultural exports. The history of Reggae as a musical tradition that began as a... Read More

50 Songwriting Tips from World Class Musicians
by Nov 11, 2020

Songwriting isn’t always roses and rainbows. The task can be quite neck-breaking, especially at times when your creative juice isn’t flowing. It’s during these times, when it takes you hours upon hours to write a single line worth of song lyrics, knowing a few songwriting tips will help. I know it’s frustrating, but whatever you... Read More

Hip Hop vs. R&B: What’s the Difference?
by Oct 28, 2020

Music is an art form that has been divided into several genres. Some artists make pop music; others make Hip Hop, R&B, rock, and many more. But over the last few decades, the distinction between the different genres has decreased, and often, people have a hard time telling the difference... Read More