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Various authors hired by Lyreka to write interesting and engaging articles related to songs and music in general. Lyreka staff members are hand-picked authors who have a music background or a very deep understanding and passion for song lyrics.

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What is the Meaning Behind the Song Purple Rain by Prince?
by Oct 15, 2020

More than perhaps any of the many songs by Prince, “Purple Rain” has gone on to become the symbol for the veritable symbol which created it. Like it’s creator, the song has effortlessly stood the test of time on its own accord, yet somehow continues to defy categorization and clear... Read More

Music Streaming Competitive Analysis & Statistics Infographics
by Feb 20, 2017

With the advances in technology, the music industry is continuously forced to adapt to the ever-changing ways of how people consuming music. For decades music was primarily transported and monetized by selling physical copies stored on vinyl, tape, CD and now streaming. In recent years music streams have been more... Read More

Justin Bieber Tells the Story of an Undecided Love Affair
by Sep 21, 2015

Playing in the Big league since 2010, Justin Bieber has been and still is taking the world by storm. His whole career can be viewed as an emotional rollercoaster, and he’s still enjoying the ride. Some of his fans also. One thing that we can attribute to Bieber is the... Read More

What’s the Meaning of Omen? The Music Video Tells it All
by Aug 18, 2015

Breaking fame in late 2012 on Disclosure’s hit ‘Latch’, Sam Smith has been in the spotlight ever since, with hit tracks like ‘Money on my mind’, ‘Stay with me’ or ‘Leave your lover’. His distinctive tone of voice, his style and overall style of music and artistry have provided him... Read More

What is Pharrell’s Meaning of Freedom
by Aug 12, 2015

What else can be said about the talented and prolific Pharrell Williams? A rhetorical question that can only put things in perspective and make us look back at the growing superstar to become P. Willy. With a rich musical background and important collaborations from an early age, Pharrell helped form... Read More

5 Steps to Interpreting Song Lyrics
by Apr 6, 2015

Many view music as a universal language, as simply placing words and symbols on paper. But in reality, music is an artist’s way to express their feelings and thoughts. Their songs reflect emotions that cannot be articulated any other way. However, you do not have to be among the masses... Read More