Song Analysis

The Sad Truth Behind Justin Bieber’s Lonely Meaning
by Nov 11, 2020

Justin Bieber has teamed up with Benny Blanco and Finneas for his new single Lonely. We’ve seen Bieber grow up right in front of our eyes and deal with everything that fame has to offer, good and bad, from an early age. In “Lonely”, Justin shares with us just how... Read More

The Weeknd’s “Too Late” Music Video and Song Is a Head Banger
by Nov 6, 2020

If you’re a longtime follower of The Weeknd, his latest album, “After Hours,” probably made your jaw hit the floor. If you haven’t seen the music videos, go watch them RIGHT NOW. I mean it! It’s honest, sexy, dark, and quite… well… disturbing. Even the album cover- Abel with his... Read More

The Meaning Behind Jonas Brothers “Sucker” Lyrics
by Nov 4, 2020

On February 28, 2019, Jonas Brothers ended their five-year hiatus with a hit single “Sucker.” Let’s break down the meaning behind this song “Sucker,” while analyzing the lyrics. Jonas Brothers “Sucker” Music Video What’s the Meaning of “Sucker” Lyrics? In the first verse, Nick Jonas references an old proverb that... Read More

The ‘Cry About It Later’ Meaning and What You Don’t Know About the Song
by Nov 2, 2020

Katy Perry’s new album Smile is here and with it a bunch of musical gems. One of them is the upbeat single Cry About It Later, followed by a magical and witchy animated music video. Is Katy Perry the new Sabrina the Witch? Okay, maybe not, but we are here... Read More

4 Reasons Why Taylor Swift’s ‘Dear John’ Song is About John Mayer
by Oct 30, 2020

Taylor Swift’s songwriting and lyrics have always left the world thinking and evaluating their hidden messages and clues. She uses her songs as a means to communicate a message about something, or most possibly someone, and well, she does it quite brilliantly. Her song Dear John is no exception to... Read More