Song Analysis

4 Reasons Why Taylor Swift’s ‘Dear John’ Song is About John Mayer
by Oct 30, 2020

Taylor Swift’s songwriting and lyrics have always left the world thinking and evaluating their hidden messages and clues. She uses her songs as a means to communicate a message about something, or most possibly someone, and well, she does it quite brilliantly. Her song Dear John is no exception to... Read More

Harry Styles Finds Hope in His New Single ‘Golden’
by Oct 29, 2020

Doesn’t Harry Styles running free, singing of hope, and dancing through the streets of Italy sound like a dream? The singer decided to give us exactly that in the cheerful new music video for another single called Golden. With three singles this year, it seems as if Harry Styles took... Read More

An In-Depth Look at the Ultra Black Meaning According to Nas
by Oct 26, 2020

2020 has been quite a year as far as the music industry is concerned. Needless to say, 2020 has also been largely plagued by disease. Speaking of diseases, Nas dropped his new album titled King’s Disease on August 21, 2020. Quite frankly, this is the only thing connected with a... Read More

What Did XXXtentacion Lyrics in “Moonlight” Mean? No More Bad Mind
by Oct 23, 2020

Below we’re going to break down what XXXTentacion meant to tell his fans in ‘Moonlight‘ and how he planned to make a change in his life. First, let’s take another look at the music video which accompanied the single XXXTENTACION – MOONLIGHT Music Video Moonlight and Spotlight The song begins... Read More

A Hidden Meaning in the Song “Wonder” by Shawn Mendes’s
by Oct 19, 2020

Who is Shawn Mendes addressing in his new song “Wonder“? Is this song about his love life, or is there a deeper meaning hidden in it? Looking for the answers to these questions? Well, you’re in the right place! We are going to uncover the meaning of the song “Wonder”... Read More

What is the Meaning Behind the Song Purple Rain by Prince?
by Oct 15, 2020

More than perhaps any of the many songs by Prince, “Purple Rain” has gone on to become the symbol for the veritable symbol which created it. Like it’s creator, the song has effortlessly stood the test of time on its own accord, yet somehow continues to defy categorization and clear... Read More

Is Tory Lanez’s “The Most High” a Declaration of His Innocence, or a Diss for Haters?
by Oct 12, 2020

Tory Lanez’s new single “The Most High” has left the world SHOOK with its blunt and open lyrics, talking about the rapper’s recent trial and calling out some old friends and foes. Are you confused about who his lyrics are calling out to? Who exactly is the “The Most High”?... Read More

Holy Song Meaning is a Depiction of Justin Bieber’s Love and Faith
by Oct 9, 2020

In Justin Bieber’s song “Holy,” Bieber and Chance the Rapper join forces to convey the value of having a relationship through God. What is the Main Meaning in Holy?  Justin Bieber’s Holy song meaning can be interpreted as the romantic storyline between him and Hailey Baldwin, how trials and tribulations... Read More

The Meaning Behind Midnight Sky by Miley Cyrus
by Oct 5, 2020

Miley Cyrus is back, and she’s making sure we’re here for it! She’s finally blessed us with a new song called Midnight Sky, and it seems like she’s finally free and feeling stronger than ever. Let’s dive into the lyrics and break it down in detail to grasp the Midnight... Read More

5 Reason Why DJ Khaled and Drake Popstar Music Video is Absolutely Genius
by Oct 2, 2020

How the Popstar Music Video’s Brilliance Made the Song an Even Bigger Hit Everybody knows that the quickest way to have a number 1 song on the Billboard Hot 100 charts is to have a hit video. Conversely and ironically, everybody also knows that the quickest way to have a... Read More