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Billie Eilish Faces Her Darker Side In ‘bury a friend’
by Feb 23, 2019

Billie Eilish surprises us with a brand-new single under the name of ’bury a friend’, backed by her London-based protegee rapper Crooks. In the song, Billie faces her deepest fears while allowing her demons to take control as she’s trying to embrace the outcome.

Aloe Blacc Brings Back the Christmas Funk with “I Got Your Christmas Right Here”
by Dec 1, 2018

Aloe Blacc surprises us with a new Christmas-dedicated project under the name of "Christmas Funk" which includes his hit single "I Got Your Christmas Right Here". Let’s find out what it means below!

Justin Bieber, Chance the Rapper and Quavo Tells Us About the No Brainers in Dj Khaled’s Hit Track
by Nov 16, 2018

DJ Khaled teams up with Justin Bieber, Chance the Rapper and Quavo for 'another one' of his name-dropping superstar line-up hits under the name of No Brainer. Below we’re going to break down the title of the song while trying to find out the meaning of Justin Bieber, Chance the Rapper, and Quavo’s lyrics.

What it Means to Say Goodbye for Jason Derulo and David Guetta
by Nov 6, 2018

Assisted by Willy William, David Guetta enlists pop superstars Jason Derulo and Nicki Minaj for a brand new banger under the name of ‘Goodbye‘. Below we’re going to break down the song meaning while focusing on the trio’s lyrics. In the song’s Intro, Jason and Nicki are describing the final... Read More

Khalid Explains How Everything Is ‘Better’ When You’re In Love
by Oct 5, 2018

Teenage sensation Khalid surprises us with another single under the name of “Better”, a song that raises the issue of being there for your significant other and receiving the same treatment when real life situations occur. Let’s break down the meaning behind the song and try to find out what Khalid means by “Better”.

An Interpretation of Justin Bieber’s Hit Song “I’ll Show You”
by Sep 19, 2018

There’s no argument that Justin Bieber is one of the most know, referenced, scrutinized, and entertaining performers for the Millennial generation. His song, I’ll Show You, is a nod to the pros and cons of the artist’s life in the public eye.

Pop Sensation Rita Ora recruits Cardi B, Bebe Rexha and Charli XCX for a New Girls Anthem
by Sep 6, 2018

British pop sensation Rita Ora tells us about her sexual preferences in a new girls anthem entitled simply “Girls” featuring Cardi B, Bebe Rexha and Charli XCX.

What Type of Girls are Maroon 5 Talking About in Their Song “Girls Like You”?
by Sep 3, 2018

Maroon 5 teams up with Cardi B for a new pretty girl's anthem revolving around Adam Levine and his weakness for 10 out of 10 girls with Cardi playing the feminine part for this song.

Selena Gomez Shares Her Side of the Story in “Back To You”
by Aug 29, 2018

After ex-boyfriend The Weeknd made an entire album about their breakup, Selena Gomez is now back with her side of the story and a new video under the name of “Back To You”. Or is she? Let’s find out while breaking down the song below.

Cardi B Tells Us How She Likes It on her Summer Banger “I Like It”
by Jun 15, 2018

Cardi B, Bad Bunny and J Balvin team up for another summer banger under the name of "I Like It". The song starts with a catchy 1967 sample from Pete Rodriguez's song "I Like It Like That" while Cardi explains how lavish her current life style truly is.