Song Analysis

MAGIC! Song “Let Your Hair Down” Promotes Natural Beauty
by Apr 18, 2015

The MAGIC! song Let Your Hair Down is a carefree pop-rock song infused with a bit of reggae flair. The song is an appreciation for relaxing and taking it easy, as well as an ode to women. The lyrics offer the listener a relaxed tone, urging women to do just... Read More

Blank Space has a bit More Meaning than Taylor Swift’s Usual Songs
by Apr 15, 2015

Even if you don’t listen to her, you can’t escape from Taylor Swift. Unless you literally never leave your house, you’ve probably heard her latest song, “Blank Space“. Even if you don’t pay attention to the lyrics, you should realize that this single seems to have a bit more meaning... Read More

A Music Interpretation of FourFiveSeconds by Rihanna, Kanye West & Paul McCartney
by Apr 13, 2015

Released at the beginning of 2015, FourFiveSeconds is a collaboration between the world-known singer Rihanna, controversial rapper Kanye West and legendary singer-songwriter Paul McCartney. With its launch date set in January, the song was a fresh and unexpected track that I personally hope will dictate this year’s trend of mainstream releases.... Read More

OneRepublic – Counting Stars Dissected, Analyzed and Explained
by Apr 4, 2015

Counting Stars is one of the most popular songs by OneRepublic that reached the top of the charts worldwide. Soon after its release in June 2013, the single reached number 1 position on the charts in the UK and Canada, and well, that catchy tune didn’t leave our heads two... Read More

The Interpretation: Let Her Go by Passenger
by Apr 3, 2015

Passenger has indeed created another soulful piece in addition to its list of powerful renditions. “Let Her” music started with a keyboard instrumental which I found to be a little upbeat for a song so dramatic. Little did I know that this song would touch me with its playful melody yet with... Read More

Imagine Dragons “Radioactive” is a Song of Empowerment
by Apr 2, 2015

Imagine Dragons “Radioactive” is a song of empowerment, very anthem-like in both how it sounds and its lyrical content. Dan Reynolds, who penned this song, explained its meaning: (Radioactive) is basically a song about my struggle with anxiety and depression. Reynolds continues, It’s about becoming self-empowered and rising above that. I wanted... Read More

Want to Know a Fun Fact About “Riptide” by Vance Joy?
by Apr 1, 2015

Riptide by Vance Joy is one of the current (pun not intended) high-charting hits, and another example of indie music hitting the mainstream. Lyrically, the song seems to be about a love story from the point of view of a boy just discovering what love is. He’s scared of dentists... Read More

The story behind the “swinging” from Sia’s “Chandelier”
by Mar 30, 2015

While listening to a song for the first time, most of us don’t bother even to try to interpret the lyrics. But when you stop and hear what the Australian singer Sia is expressing in Chandelier, you can’t help but simply be amazed that this is something way beyond “just another... Read More

I’m Not the Only One by Sam Smith Explores the Pain of Infidelity
by Mar 29, 2015

We’ve been hearing Sam Smith’s song entitled “I’m Not the Only One” for quite a while now, but it still does not fail to pull some heartstrings, especially of those who are sharing the same pain as the song entails. According to Sam Smith, he wanted to be the voice... Read More

Lorde and Her Familiar Rap Clichés in Royals
by Mar 28, 2015

Is Lorde a rapper? It depends on who you ask. In the song “Royals,” she definitely makes use of a familiar rap cliché. She’s never seen a diamond in the flesh. She’s from a torn-up town, no postcard envy. This is a cliffhanger, implying some kind of but. But what? Surely, now she proclaims... Read More