The MAGIC! song Let Your Hair Down is a carefree pop-rock song infused with a bit of reggae flair. The song is an appreciation for relaxing and taking it easy, as well as an ode to women.

MAGIC! - Let Your Hair Down
MAGIC! – Let Your Hair Down via YouTube

The lyrics offer the listener a relaxed tone, urging women to do just as the title of the song implies – let their hair down. And moreover, the song sends a message to women to stop relying so heavily on mass media’s portrayal of women on how they should portray themselves.

Take a listen to the song and hear the true meaning

The song is very much a celebration of natural beauty. Society dictates women weigh a certain weight, look a certain way, do their makeup in a certain fashion to turn heads and drop jaws. But this song implies natural beauty is far more important and far more rewarding to celebrate. Forget all the pressure to fit in with societal norms and just let your hair down.

The song urges women to relax and feel comfortable in their own skin. Pay no heed to the airbrushed Photoshop models, as this is a false vision of beauty, a manufactured take on what we value as a society in terms of looks and status.