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I've been writing professionally since 2010. Musically I've covered a lot of ground - record label management, film scoring. I've worked as a session guitarist on various projects. I've released six albums, and have performed at over 100 concerts. Google "Jon of the Shred" to browse a very large, diverse catalog of music.

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Sia’s “Big Girls Cry” has a Very Direct and Poignant Meaning
by Jun 22, 2015

Sia‘s Big Girls Cry has a very direct and poignant message. Some may even call it bittersweet. The meaning is delivered with ease and directness. The song can evoke images of long term relationships gone awry. When it’s over, the girl is left on her own, to reflect on time... Read More

Nick Jonas Tells the Story Behind his Pop Song “Chains”
by Jun 8, 2015

The Nick Jonas pop number “Chains” has a pretty obvious meaning even by title implication alone. The song is a departure from his prior stuff, with a more R&B and soul flair to it in both voice and beat production. The Story Behind Chains When asked about the song, Nick... Read More

The Weeknd’s sensual track “Earned It” hints towards BDSM and S&M
by May 3, 2015

The Weeknd’s sensual track “Earned It” was featured in the blockbuster smash hit Fifty Shades of Grey. The song features a slow, pounding beat, very rhythmic, something the ladies will no doubt swing their hips and twirl their hair too. The lyrics hint towards the very same themes from the... Read More

MAGIC! Song “Let Your Hair Down” Promotes Natural Beauty
by Apr 18, 2015

The MAGIC! song Let Your Hair Down is a carefree pop-rock song infused with a bit of reggae flair. The song is an appreciation for relaxing and taking it easy, as well as an ode to women. The lyrics offer the listener a relaxed tone, urging women to do just... Read More

Imagine Dragons “Radioactive” is a Song of Empowerment
by Apr 2, 2015

Imagine Dragons “Radioactive” is a song of empowerment, very anthem-like in both how it sounds and its lyrical content. Dan Reynolds, who penned this song, explained its meaning: (Radioactive) is basically a song about my struggle with anxiety and depression. Reynolds continues, It’s about becoming self-empowered and rising above that. I wanted... Read More