SavatageAll That I Bleed is a deeply moving, deeply powerful heavy metal power ballad that starts with moody, melancholy lows before erupting into bittersweet, soaring highs.

Many interpretations can exist for this song, depending on who you are and what your experiences are. For me, personally, it conjures images of lost love. The lyrics strongly hint at a loving relationship that went sour at some point. But the lyrics also hint that both the male and female had some part to play in the inevitable break up. The lyrics also allude to the fact that both parties still have feelings for each other, still pine for each other and more likely than not still love each other…it is left vague and undecided whether or not the two are still IN LOVE with each other, but it is very clear feelings are still lingering on both sides of the equation.

Many of the lyrics reference hiding one’s feelings:

With all the things we keep inside.
All the things the really matter
A face puts on it’s best disguise
and all is well
until the heart betrays.

The song is both bittersweet and yet at the same time very empowering and inspiring.

All That I Bleed
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