Sia‘s Big Girls Cry has a very direct and poignant message. Some may even call it bittersweet. The meaning is delivered with ease and directness. The song can evoke images of long term relationships gone awry. When it’s over, the girl is left on her own, to reflect on time as both a participant in a loving partnership and now as an individual.

Sia - Big Girls Cry via YouTube
Sia – Big Girls Cry via YouTube

Sia describes the feelings of loneliness and independence in the initial break up, staying busy (or at least pretending to) to keep her mind off the lingering feelings of regret and love lost.

The bittersweet element to the Big Girls Cry song

Society expects people to move on without mourning the loss of the relationship, to embrace the individuality of the bachelor lifestyle. To appear unphased or indifferent, to remain strong.

The embracing of inner safe is the bittersweet element to the song. The lyrics suggest embracing the pain and living with it, as opposed to stifling the emotions and burying them within. It is healthier to acknowledge these emotions and let them run their course than it is to ignore them entirely, which oftentimes leads to a longer healing period. The song embraces the feelings of emotions, to deal with them in a healthy fashion instead of bottling them up to fester.

The Big Girls Cry Music Video

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