As a follow up to The Weeknd’sOften,” “King of the fall” makes its debut as the latter continues to make history with his album Beauty Behind The Madness.

For the third time with the irresistible, and addictive vibe that tackles his drug use like “Can’t Feel My Face.” This week, The Weeknd deposes “The Hills” and replaces it with “The Hills,” something only achieved by T.I. and Taylor Swift.

Billboard notes that, like Taylor, The Weeknd is also the first artist to “lead the Hot 100 and Billboard 200 simultaneously for multiple weeks” since Taylor did it with “Shake It Off” and “Blank Space” from 1989.

Lyrics in “King of the Fall” that Reference Drug Use

“I’m added up added up
I just ate a plate for breakfast
Put it in a cup, then I mix it up with Texas”

He’s high off Adderall, a medication that the Weeknd seems to utilize regularly, referencing it in songs, such as “Kiss Land” and “Drunk in Love” remix. This song is Abel’s original vibe and no one else’s.

The remainder of the first verse is a prolongation of his Drug use. He spoke the truth to put the already said Adderall into his glass and keep on blending it with “Texas” – another name for codeine which originated in that state.

Abel is addicted to this “Liquid G” or GHB (Gamma-Hydroxybutyric Acid) so much that he is taking it as if it is a part of his diet, which makes him so high with the feeling of death while his jaw is tired and could be locked as a result to cocaine addiction.

He depicts how he experiences issues with breathing in the first verse as a side effect of the c***tail drugs, he also added how the women he and his group is associated with are 10 times better than the ladies in others are with.

Abel’s women don’t really care what others think as long as they are getting his money which he is willing to give.

Abel clearly stated in this song that his women know how to please him, they know what he wants and in this song he has a girl for three months while he stays in that state, nothing serious, just a fun and perfect groupie as he is the type who doesn’t get emotionally involved.

Abel is making a comparison by saying Doc McKinney his mentor and the producer of literally half of Abel’s discography, is the Quincy to Abel’s MJ.

This sound is Abel’s sound and nobody else’s. Abel couldn’t care less about artists trying to steal his sound, nor does he care about their sound, he is doing what he loves and being bold about it.

He warned those who are not part of XO and not contributing is just getting in his way.