Hitting the top ten is Locked Away by pop duo Rock City, which also features Maroon 5 frontman, Adam Levine. Besides the star-powered backup, why else is this song popular? One reason for its popularity may be due to its resonating message.

R. City – Locked Away ft. Adam Levine

It’s not too difficult to decipher its lyrics. The song is about the concept of unconditional love, a lost art these days. Many relationships are fair-weather and one person will end it all at the first sign of trouble.

The song opens up with its chorus, sung by Levine. If I got locked away/And we lost it all today/Tell me honestly, would you still love me the same? Levine wants a woman who isn’t there for the money and will love him even if he had financial woes. He also wants a woman who will allow him to show you my flaws, meaning that he doesn’t want someone who will be disgusted if he acts himself.

R. City tackles the next verses and asks for a girl who don’t need much/A gal I know I can trust. He wants someone who doesn’t use him and instead loves him for his personality and character.

Of course, the people who sing this are wealthy musicians, and it’s common for a rich person to find women who are vain and just want the man for his money. So how does this apply to Joe Schmoe, who makes less in a year than these people do in a day?

It’s because many partners are high-maintenance. They want their men (or women) to spoil them, and get mad when they have to pay the bill. Finding someone who just loves you for you seems to be getting harder and harder, and this song is a return to a simpler time when your partner stayed with you through sickness and in health.

Locked Away
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